Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another accident case

We rescued yet another accident case from Kapar yesterday after receiving a call from a frantic student. Mandy who went to pick the dog said that the poor thing was bleeding through the penis when she got to it on Friday afternoon. According to the vet, this poor male dog may have been lying down when a car probably ran over its back, fracturing its hips and injuring its nerves and internal organs. Both the back limbs are splayed and the boy also has problems standing on his front limb. There was blood in his urine yesterday but it stopped with medication. He is on pain killers now but appears to still be in pain. He is also suffering from severe incontinence and urinates when carried. We do not know what to do for him at this juncture - we are seeking another opinion - before we decide if it would be better to end his misery. This poor young dog is yet another case of lackadaisical attitude by some members of the public when accidents involve dogs.

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