Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The fat dog that was snatched by dog catchers who created chaos at Taman Radzi last week appears to have been found. Thanks to an SPCA committee member who helped us by going to the Klang pound to look for the dog. She had a hard time finding it because the dog had lost tremendous weight and her collar had been removed. Her rescuer identified her from her teats. But we have our doubts if this is the same dog. So, we will be doing another series of photoshots when she feels better. If this is another dog and she has been saved - its her karma not to die at the pound in vain. AThis proves what we have been saying - that dog catchers snatch people's pets and then remove the collars to make them look like strays - is true. The poor dog was brought to us on Monday and she is still weak and sick. That's what the pound does to dogs. Furthermore if she is indeed that fat dog, she was whacked and bashed around before being flung into the enclosure. We hope she makes it - a lot of the dogs that spend, even a few days in the pound, were known to drop dead eventually.It is all because of the lackadaisical attitude of the local councils and their lack of empathy for dogs. The sick dog is currently admitted at a veterinary clinic where she'll probably be until she is well again. She will also be spayed and vaccinated before being rehomed. We welcome any form of sponsorship for her.

Upon arrival at the pound
Not feeling too good
Very weak

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Mei said...

I don't think it's the same dog : / Comparing the first pic with the latest one, the brown spot on her back looks different to me. In the original pic, the brown spot's position appear to be in the middle of the back, whereas the current one's nearer to the rump.

Also in the first pic, the original dog appears to have a brown face, whereas the current one has a white muzzle.

Sad that such a nice dog is lost, but on the other hand, another gets saved. Hope she recovers well.