Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This mum and her three pups were rescued recently from Meru, Klang. A distraught schoolgirl who had been feeding the mum and pups called for help as she said her family was not too keen on what she was doing. According to her, they were not dogs lovers and frowned upon her feeding the poor strays. The girl told us there were four pups but when one of our volunteers rushed over - she only found three pups with the mum. She brought the three pups and mum over and we have packed the little ones off to a paying fosterer as we did not have the space for them at our place. The mum was sent to the vet's to be neutered. Two days latter, the schoolgirl called again to say that a man had brought and left the missing pup at the spot where the mother and her pups used to loiter. We believe he must have taken the pup home and then decided that he did not want it anymore! Our volunteer rushed over to Meru to get the pup and brought it to the vet's where it spent the night before our fosterer picked it up the following morning. The next morning just as our fosterer was about to leave the clinic with the pup, a lady bringing her dog to the vet's spotted the little fellow and asked if she could adopt him. After a short interview, she filled up our adoption forms and took him home! We will visit the pup in his new home to ensure that all is well. Meanwhile, the siblings have been put-up for adoption.

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Anonymous said...

Just some advice, don't jump to conclusions. The man could have picked the pup out of a drain and recognised it as one of the pups in the area. The last thing you would want to do is jump to conclusions. Plus, it isn't professional.