Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This is Kapi and she was rescued from Kapar, Klang. Kapi suffers from a severe case of demodex and given our past experience with Luca - we know we can help her. http://malaysiandogsdeservebetter.blogspot.com/2009/04/update-on-sister-doberman.html
She is a very smart girl and is quick to show her displeasure by grumbling when things don't go her way. We think she is about seven months old.

This is Queen and she is a distemper survivor. Queen, her two siblings and their mother were rescued from Kajang about five months ago. Queen's mother was a puppy herself and the vet told us that she could not be older than six to seven months when she had her puppies. Out of the three puppies, two, including Queen, had tested positive for distemper. The other puppy did not make it and died in her fosterer's home after fighting the infection for over a month. Queen was also in a bad condition but pulled through. She now suffers from yeast infection and we think this could be due to the cocktail of drugs she had been fed during her illness. She is currently on the road to recovery.

This is Ricola and we believe she was dumped because of her disability. Ricola, is about three months old and suffers from rickets which has made her front and back limbs bowed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rickets
She was found dumped behind a mechanic workshop in Jalan Melawis, Klang. We think she was dumped because she was very clean when found by one of the mechanics who brought her to us. She walks very slowly due to the condition of her limbs.
All three are currently being cared for by us and we welcome fosterers for Ricola who is very healthy in spite of her bowed limbs.


havetailwillwag said...

oh poor kapi.. her skin looks awful. is she in any pain?
Queen has such a sweet face..
Ricola is precious!! what a beauty.

Anonymous said...

She's not in pain but we believe is itchy all over - so we are giving her anti-itch tablets and sometimes she scratches herself until she bleeds.