Monday, February 1, 2010

Ah Chai

Sorry, had posted some wrong pictures just now. This is the correct pix of Ah Chai on the day of his rescue. The black and white pup is Gizmo.
Ah Chai and his new dad
A new Ah Chai - confident and looking forward to a new life - check out the hot pink collar

Ah Chai undergoing last minute veterinary examination before going home.

Ah Chai was one of the puppies rescued by AnimalCare from the Klang Pound and handed over to us. He had a brother who looked exactly like him but the poor tyke died of parvo in spite of us trying our very best to keep him alive.
Ah Chai was a very frightened little puppy but overcame his fear after he was shown some kindness.

Anyway, Ah Chai survived his ordeal and was adopted by Mr Tan who lives in Sekinchan. Mr Tan took an instant liking to Ah Chai because he was small and cute. He said this would enable him to keep Ah Chai indoors.

Ah Chai is now living happily in his new home and from what I heard he has overcome his fear of people and is quite a hantu.

We are happy that things have worked out well for Ah Chai - this is what we work so hard for. This is also why we tolerate our reputation being dragged through the mud by zealots who claim to be animal activists simply because we are serious in ensuring justice for the voiceless.

Knowing that puppies like Ah Chai have been given a second chance in life is more than enough for us........

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