Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nothing's changed.


We were happy when informed things had changed for the better at the Klang Pound. We heard that a shelter had sent in ten additional cages to prevent overcrowding. But our relief was short lived when we received pictures taken on Saturday which showed us otherwise. There were only two cages including the one we bought for the pound. The photos were from someone claiming to be a DVS employee who was sympathetic to the plight of these dogs. According to him a group of dog lovers had visited the pound and washed all the pails and bowls that had been provided by us before filling them up with water and food and placing it in the enclosures. He had added the bowls had been empty and filled with feces. There was also no detergent for the bowls and pails to be cleaned out. He also said:

the place looks and smell the same (didn't DVS send over detergent and disinfectant?)

there are still 4 to 5 month old puppies in the enclosures (so the story about the MPK no longer catching puppies is a mere concoction?)

a white dog with brown spots that was in a picture taken about ten days ago has a seriously injured paw. The injuries had turned septic and when a couple of dog lovers wanted to take the dog for treatment, they were told the MPK bosses had instructed pound workers not to allow anyone to take any dogs out. (didn't the DVS treat injured dogs? Didn't MPK's Zakaria say the council had waived all forms of payments to encourage people to adopt the pound dogs - then why were the workers instructed not to allow anyone to take any of the dogs out? Isn't denying the injured dog treatment an act of animal cruelty?)

• there was a paralyzed black dog in an enclosure with 7-8 other dogs (why was the dog not segregated as it was in danger of being trampled by the others in the enclosure?)

there were some newborn puppies in the makeshift guardhouse near the entrance but the mother was nowhere to be seen and the door was actually closed shut. The puppies would definitely die of dehydration and heat if they were not brought in (isn't this cruelty of the highest order?)

What you can do to help.

1) Adopt a dog or puppy from the pound. PLEASE HELP THEM. (We will pay for all the vaccinations and neutering.)

2) Bring food to the pound

3) Visit the pound to see the sad sad situation

4) Lodge police reports against:

a)Selangor state executive councillor in charge of local councils Ronnie Liu

b) MPK president Mislan Tugiu

c) MPK Health department's acting director Zulkfli Abbas

d) MPK dog catchers

e) Majlis Perbandaran Klang

5) Send e-mails voicing your displeasure to:


Anonymous said...

As usual, the local council will do things halfway - hangat hangat tahi ayam.
I don't know how the people in DVS and MPK can sleep at night. The dogs are in bad conditions. Stop the MPK dog catchers from catching dogs. They are catching them indiscriminately because of monetary incentive. I have personally seen them asking money from dog owner before releasing the dogs. And the way they catch the dogs is so cruel

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of BS this DVS and MPK!! y cant they pratice catch, spay and release!!