Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DEAR People,
Since our adoption drive is only next month, we are trying our hand at online adoptions. Here are some of our dogs and puppies that are ready for adoption. Please pass the word around. Those interested in giving them a forever home can call 019-3576477 or 0123739007.

DOLLY- siblings have all been adopted. Spayed, dewormed and vaccinated.


TERROR - Was found wandering behind a coffee shop in Klang with his butt covered in blood. Tested positive for parvo - we reckon he must have been abandoned by owner after falling sick. Very naughty and entertaining. Vaccinated, dewormed and neutered.

SHANKAR - was rescued from the Klang pound in Nov 2009. Was infected with distemper but survived. Very jovial and lovable. Vaccinated, dewormed and neutered.

ROB - was found wandering around in Klang town. Vaccinated and dewormed.
PINKY - was found with her brother Bumble Bee when merely about a week old. We believe the mother must have been caught by the dog catchers.
AGGIE - was rescued in Telok Panglima Garang just as she was about to be raped by some canine gangland hooligans. She was almost a pup still and we were told by the vet it was her first heat. Very lovable. Likes to climb and sit on people's lap. Vaccinated, neutered and dewormed.
LULU - was handed over to us by another rescuer.
HERO - was handed over to us by someone who had found him wandering around in a housing estate in Klang. Adorable. Had some skin prob but healed. Vaccinated and dewormed. Love his ears.

RACHEL - was rescued in Puchong as a pup. Had a broken leg. Underwent months of treatment for that. Very hyper-active and cute. Vaccinated, dewormed and neutered.

CARLI - was handed over to us by a good Samaritan, with her sister CARLA, who found them in Klang. Vaccinated, dewormed and neutered.
CARLA - vaccinated, dewormed and neutered.
BELLA - handed over to us by another rescuer
PRETTY - was found at the Klang Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital canteen. Adorable. Dewormed and vaccinated.
BIANCA- was found looking lost in Kapar, Klang. Takes a little time and patience before she warms-up. Vaccinated and dewormed.

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sabrina said...

Hi there is Bianca still up for adoption?