Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hernia Boy

Hernia Boy after his rescue
Handsome Hernia Boy posing for the camera
Hernia Boy needs a home
This is Hernia Boy and he was an accident victim rescued in Meru, Klang several months ago. The impact of the accident had caused his diaphragm to tear and Hernia Boy's intestines were spilling into his lungs. He also suffered some injuries to his legs and he was unable to move as both his hind legs were splayed. He underwent one surgery to patch-up his diaphragm but the tear was so huge that it could not be completely stitched-up. He currently has a small hole which has resulted in a bit of his liver and intestines peeking into his lungs. Because of this Hernia Boy cannot eat big meals in a go as all of the food cannot be digested well. He has learnt to eat the kibbles we give him little by little throughout the day and is beginning to put on some weight. He is a very loving dog and if there is anyone out there who is willing to take him in and love him, please call 019-3576477.

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