Monday, November 1, 2010



This boy was born in Northport and lived there until he was caught by a small scale dog catching company that practices a no-kill policy. They try to rehome the dogs they catch and have over the months handed us quite a number of puppies and dogs. We would also like to thank Northport for the compassion shown in not getting the local council to come and brutally catch the dogs and send them to their deaths. This chap was adopted by this couple after he worked his charm on them.

Manoharan with the pretty girl.
Thank you Sean, for dognapping me.
Some months ago someone called Sean sent us a mail saying that he knew of a dog that was being abused by its owner. He said the dog - a nine-month-old female - was tied-up all the time was left without shelter. Therefore the poor dog was drenched when it rained and scorched when hot. The owner also fed her very little and beat her up quite a bit and had even thrown flower pots at the dog. Sean wanted us to help and we told him that we had no locus standi to do anything. However, we told him to do what we sometimes do under the same circumstances i.e dognap! We told him that we'll take her if he could get her. He did just that and the poor, frightened, skinny girl came to live with us. She overcame her fear and distrust of people very quickly. We put her up for adoption on Sunday and she was adopted by a nice family from Subang Jaya. We are happy Sean went the extra mile in rescuing her. Thank you Sean.


Anonymous said...

Methinks there's nothing to be so happy about when one can actually condone theft or dognapping. And actually asking someone to do the same? Does the end really justify the means? True, it was noble to try to help the poor animal but to resort to theft? Was there no better solution or advice you could have given to Sean? What sort of group are you people running anyway? SHAME ON YOU!

a dog lover said...

To: We Are Happy (the above anonymous),
You have no stand or right to judge b4 knowing how much effort this group has put in to rescue & save these poor dogs.
If u can offer a better solution or u think u can do better...pls feel free to expose your contact so that i can call u for help (since u probably have more noble way of handling this kind of situation).
Being a dog lover myself, MDDB, i think u guys are doing just GREAT!

Anonymous said...


We encourage people to dognap pets which are being abused by their owners. We run a group which will dognap if the need arises. We offer no aapologies to anyone for dognapping any dogs that's being starved, bashed and kicked around.


Anonymous said...

i truly support MDDB on dog-napping these poor dogs...they DESERVES a better life, they can live a 2nd why not? rather than seeing them abuse by their so call OWNER?