Monday, November 1, 2010


Our adoption drive hosted by Kota Alam assemblyman M. Manoharan of the DAP went on better than we had expected. Manoharan says he would like to host us again in January. We are happy that about a dozen puppies and dogs found homes at the adoption drive. We had had two other adoption drives in two different locations this month alone due to the huge number of puppies.We are of course happy that many of our rescues have found homes but we are also feeling a sense of trepidation and gloom. Just how many of these puppies have really found forever families that will cherish and love them? Just how much longer can we continue with our rehoming exercise? We have to embark on a long-term plan that will ensure the number of strays are reduced as and carry out activities to drive home the message that all dog and cat owners must neuter their pet regardless of its gender. At this juncture, we would like to urge all other rescue groups to join forces with us to conceptualise and create a workable plan. Helping animals isn't just about rescuing and rehoming - its much much more than that. Let's all do it together.

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