Thursday, June 28, 2012


 It was an interesting day today with us having the opportunity to meet a man mentioned in this post. Although Shalinee Fernandez had said that is company was a private dog catching company, the man explained that his biz focused on other areas. He rectified the misconception that his was dog catching company and stated that it was instead an animal control, disease control, vector management and training business . He said his company does not kill the dogs caught as they do not propagate culling but instead hand them over to the respective councils that agree to a more humane solution to the problem.We had a two hour chat whereby he explained the kind of work his company carried out and requested that mention of his company, picture and everything else is removed because he did not want to be involved in issues revolving around MDDB and MIAR. Fair enough. We asked him about the time when MIAR had a demonstration with the story coming out in the media about his company and some dogs caught in Kajang. According to MIAR, the dogs were kept in the van without any water and food. According to the man, the van is compartmentalized and water and food dishes are put away after use. At the time the video and pictures were take, it was lunch break and his staff had been having their meal. He said MIAR had removed the incriminating content from their FB page once he had spoken to them. He also said his company van had only helped transport the dogs from DBKL to Kajang and not anywhere else. Anyways, we are going to honour our word of removing his name and that of his company given that as he said he did not want his business to be collateral damage. But we did tell him that MDDB is against any form of commercialization involving stray management in the country.

 I have received many calls from my friends from other rescue groups including shelters SPCA and PAWS. I told them I will settle this once and for all and therefore have chosen to expose some information that I have been receiving over the weeks.

I strongly believe that the reasons  MIAR is lying and fabricating as well as have hatched a plan to snatch our Justice away is because:

1) They want to use Justice to make money as can be seen on the FB page they continue highlighting pictures of past cases

2) To cover-up their misdeeds

3) To finish our reputation as we are the only ones pursuing the case where 40+ dogs rescued by them from the DBKL pound were released in Broga.

This was revealed to me by none other than Keren Ho, whom I met together with Yeap Sze Min and Gary Kim. Keren Ho, Yeap Sze Min and Gary Kim were co-founders of MIAR with Puspa Rani but had left after coming to know of her true colours. Shalinee Fernandez, who is an MDDB reject is merely a new fixture to Puspa's small entourage.

Anyway, before the trio came to see me - a cat rescuer name Liza had told a veteran rescuer about the 40 dogs being released in Broga after they were taken to Kajang from the DBKL pound.

Keren told me that in addition to not being neutered, some of the dogs that were released had not been tested for distemper or parvo.

What these MIAR people had done was to create a situation whereby city dogs were released in the outskirts where they may not know how to fend for themselves. Given that they were not neutered, there would be a population boom in the area which would result in the private dog catching company servicing the area coming in to make their money.

We were told that there were several people present when the dogs were loaded into a white van. They included a lady called Susan who allegedly told the others not to tell anyone about it. The others were Puspa Rani, Keren Ho, Rachel who works for a pet magazine and another girl called Viknes. Apparently a white van drove away with the dogs from the Kajang shelter.  I was also told that she does not feed the strays on a daily basis as she claims......because if she did, she would certainly post pictures or even videos of it because it was Puspa Rani's nature to highlight all her 'good deeds'.

Anyway, while all these were going on, I received an email from someone called  job314imf@gmail.comand 

who said he or she was at the DBKL rescue and was closely linked to MIAR, telling about what had happened and also sending me links and photos.

Meanwhile, the heat was also on Puspa Rani after some of the friends she had confided in over the release of the dogs started questioning her and shooting PMs here and there. This is one such message received by another rescuer:

I happen to believe that the dogs are there. I have nothing against Pupsa and i hold high respect for her but i am very concerned about the dogs welfare. What Wani said is true, we do not want the council to go on a mass killing. I did ask Pupsa what would happen to the dogs that were rescued and she said that she'll go feed the dogs everyday in Broga hill. I wish to remain anonymous. I do not want to be a part of this feud. My only concern is the welfare of the dogs. If they are really, really there .. Please do all that you can to rescue them before the council gets to them. I am just worried for the dogs, they might be killed when supposedly they're safe. Plus, they might not even know how and where to look for food since mentioned, it's a hill. I just wish to not get involved because i have nothing to do with this and i consider both Pupsa and Wani my friends.

So, they are beginning to feel the heat, so the distraction. Dumping unspayed dogs in Broga Hill which is a popular hiking track is irresponsible. To hide animal cruelty in local council pounds simply because they want to be the local councils' friend is equally irresponsible. 

Soon after the dumping of the 40+ dogs were revealed, Shalinee and Puspa Rani hurried to the Selangor DVS to try and fix things up. They also removed some dogs from another local council pound but hid the fact that the dogs were kept in a deplorable condition without even clean drinking water. this is in line with their close association with tainted local councilor Anthony Thanasayan who has taken it upon himself to defend councils' abuse of dogs. He has plans to take them into the councils and help cover-up the atrocities committed against dogs there.


A veteran rescuer's concern after I sent her the pictures received from JOB.

These charlatans can try to do damage to us and thwart the focus from them but we know that responsible rescuers will come forward to prevent the dogs from being caught and killed for money. If you want the dogs in Broga to be captured and neutered before release, please speak up. Meanwhile, we are going to let these MIAR fools hyperventilate and go on their psychotic rampage. We know that we will be receiving more evidence on them.

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Anonymous said...

What the hell...seriously???

Aren't they suppose to check them up and then spay them before releasing them??? Just dumping the dogs at the hill is not going to solve problem but to create another disaster similar to what is happening in Pulau Ketam.

Then perhaps they are waiting for the tragedy to happen so they can be the first to go "solve" the tragedy and again be under the spotlight?

They are corrupted, and they use the dogs to earn their gain?

Is there any organization or group willing to help take the dogs out the hill before tragedy happens? Also please bitch slap those idiots.