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This is the latest allegation by this sick puppy. Pay the pet shop when the adopter Eswaran was already paying all of Justice's expenses? And who is Aileen Lee to say she wants to PTS Justice when Eswaran is still the owner?


Shalinee Fernandez lying through her teeth alleging that pet shop was supposed to foster him for two months and we had not picked him up. Read below and you'll find that he was adopted by Eswaran 016-2323127. And when we wanted him back after his prolapssed anus - the pet shop oener's friend Ivy Loh came and said the woman loved Justice and we were unkind in wanting to take him back. Not also the lie spewed by another MIAR member Prassana Mukuman that the lady wanted to PTS Justice if no one adopts him. Didn't this pet shop lady find us Eswaran to adopt Justice?
Shelinee is alleging that Aileen of the pet shop told her that the rescuer had not come back for Justice. But wasn't it in June when Aileen called to say she cannot keep Justice and Eswaran told me that he was travelling after I asked point blank if she was using Justice to boost her business?
Is this proof that the pet shop owner Aileen did indeed use Justice to lure business to her shop? She has a lot of explaining to do.!/notes/sharma-george-daniel/justice/10151029936746796

Well some people are so intent to destroy others that they fail to do their homework and subsequently come across as complete fools. Shalinee Fernandez and Puspa Rani are such fools. In their haste to discredit MDDB - they failed to do their homework regarding Justice.

 As you see they allege that we have dumped Justice and that they are putting him up for adoption. Good luck to them - given that Sharma George Daniel is their friend. Now a little about Justice.

1. We received a call last Nov from Sharma George Daniel's husband Govin telling us about Justice and asking us to help him. We could not say no to him because we could sense his urgency and his compassion for Justice. We agreed but on the terms that he takes Justice back as soon as the dog had recuperated from his surgery. Govin agreed. Arrangements were made for Dr Phua from Kuantan, who was one of the two spine surgeons in the country, to come down to Gasing Veterinary Hospital to do the surgery. However, given the prognosis was not good, Dr Phua declined to do the surgery. I could sense that Govin was nearly in tears as Justice's spine was completely transacted and he needed the surgery badly to survive. I (Wani) then took a taxi all the way to Kuantan and begged Dr Phua to do the surgery. Thankfully he agreed. However, the surgery had to be postponed for a week as it was almost Deepavali and Gasing Hospital's chief vet Dr Prem was on a week's holiday. Dr Phua told us that he would charge us RM6,000 for the surgery and Dr Prem charged us RM2,000. We then made an estimation of RM10,000 to cover Justice's care in totality. With the help of MDDB supporters, donors, friends, family and colleagues as well as Govin - we managed to raise the amount in a week's time. You will see the cheques posted on the link. You can also contact:

Tel No: 09-5687168
Fax No: 09-5687168


Dr Prem Anand at 03-7782 3553 to ask whether or not we had paid for Justice's surgery in full. We tell you this because Shalinee Fernandez and Puspa Rani of MIAR are alleging that we had collected money for Justice's surgery but had not paid the vets who carried out the surgery.

2. Once the surgery was over, he went to live with one of our members Irene Low for about a month after which Irene had to travel abroad. We then made the biggest mistake of allowing this person called Jennifer Leong to foster him. We eventually found out that Jennifer was a highly emotional woman who clung to Justice. We gave her first choice to adopt him but she refused and told us that she had to give him up after a month. We agreed. For the record we must state that Jeniffer was paid for Justice's needs and even given petrol money of RM30 when she took him to the vet. This was upon her request. We paid every time she billed us. When her time finally came up - we announced that Justice was in need of a fosterer again and a lady named Meera Thuraivel called to say that her pet shop had offered to foster Justice. We spoke to the pet shop woman Aileen Lee who said she would foster him until he's adopted or his rescuer comes for him.

3. Aileen called to say that one of her clients, a gym instructor was interested in Justice and wanted to adopt him. MDDB member Sam Chai went to meet and interview him and found that he was suitable as an adopter. He took Justice home to his condo but because Justice barked and made a ruckus - he brought him back to the pet shop but visited everyday and played with Justice. We asked him if he wanted to return Justice to us but he and Aileen turned us down and said the the adopter Eswaran was attached to Justice. Aileen also told us that Jennifer was being a pest and interfering too much and this may annoy Eswaran who was a very private person. We then sent word to Jennifer to let go of Justice. That's when she started her nonsense by spewing all kind of stories including that we were using Justice to make money. If you go to our FB page and blog - you will see that after his surgery was over no funds were solicited for Justice other than requests for diapers while he was being fostered. Jennifer also insinuated that we had broken Justice's back to use him to make money for us.

4. Soon after this a friend who visited Aileen Lee's shop came and told us about Justice and the story that was supposed to have been narrated by the pet shop owner about him was rather strange. She also told us that Aileen had said that Justice was up for adoption. We immediately called Eswaran and he said that he still wanted Justice and was attached to him. We allowed it to slide until Justice had a prolapsed anus. We found out that Jennifer called an MDDB member Myers Shane and told him about it while crying and wailing and told him that she and Aileen did not want me to know. Myers immediately called me and told me about this. I called Aileen and was livid - and found it strange that the adopter was not involved in taking him to the vet. I spoke to the vet about Justice's condition and decided to rehome him. I announced this on the MDDB FB page and one of Aileen Lee's friends posted that the pet shop owner was very attached to him and could not give him up. Aileen Lee also called MDDB member Irene Low and told her that she loved Justice and wanted him.  

5. However I had some suspicions and asked some of my friends to pay the shop a visit and inquire about Justice. There stories were strange and I called Eswaran about ten days ago and asked him what was going on. He said that he was going to be traveling a lot and did not have time for Justice. I askde him point blank if he thought Aileen was using Justice to get customers to visit her shop. He said that he would ask her if she was. Three days later Aileen Lee told me that she could not handle Justice anymore. I told her to give me time and that I felt that it was best that Justice goes home to his rescuers Govin and Sharma. I also told her that I would not be putting him up for adoption on our FB or blog as I wanted to liaise with Govin and Sharma this time around. I called Govin and also spoke to Sharma via FB. I offered to take two of the rescues or another handicap dog called Jimmy Boy so that they would have more space and time for Justice. Govin said one of Sharma's friends may be able to help. You can call Govin at 012-4055502 to check out the facts.

Now my question is - did this MIAR fools actually think that we would leave loose ends hanging in our rescues? My advise to them would be to initiate a spaying exercise to neuter the 40-odd DBKL dogs that they rescued and dumped in Broga without neutering them. According to a former MIAR member - the dogs that were released were not even tested for parvo or distemper before release. One member also told us that the dogs were taken away by a private dog catching company's van. The van was there at the DBKL pound during the rescue helping MIAR to load the dogs. Now, I would like MIAR to prove that they did not give the 40+ dogs to the private dog catchers to release in Broga. If they did - how sure are they that these dogs would be released instead of being turned in to the various local councils for RM40 per head. Clean your backyard first before attempting to shit on others. 



Anonymous said...

After all the hard work rescuing the 40+ dogs from DBKL and then releasing them again without spaying at least... have I heard wrong or people are really that dumb? (after all the rescues they did, spaying before releasing is the most basic if they wanted to release - Isnt this call TNRM) But this case of 40+ dogs are better known as Trap, Raise Funds and Release to be Traped and Killed again! Just don't know what is in people's mind nowadays???

And Wani, how is Justice now???

Marina Tham

Deep said...

If u animal groups spent as much effort on animals as u do screwing each other, the animals would be glad

Anonymous said...

I am all for hearing 2 sides of the story, I think MDDB deserves to get their story out especially when it was not them who insinuated this.

Deep, if you haven't got your dog neutered, please do. Coming home bloodied because you think it's fine he goes out to fight for a mate? You are doing more harm than good to him when you did not put an end to his Houdini act. said...

I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles.