Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The players in this story is Crazy Puspa Rani, Spurned and Spiteful Shalini Fernandez dishonest petshop owner Aileen Lee.

Its amazing how some people fuelled by vindictiveness and sheer jealousy can go to extraordinary measures to spread their lies.
The current issue re Justice is one such case where a bunch of lunatics who have nothing whatsoever to do with the dog claiming the dog. Then there's the pet shop woman who exploited the situation to sell her products and then lodged a police report that contradicts some claims.
We would like to ask HOW DARE THEY EVEN LAY A CLAIM TO JUSTICE, when it was us who raised the money for his surgery, sat through his surgery and got him adopted.
I will write a detailed report on their contradictions later today and how they have twisted and turned facts. I will also decipher every fact in the police report and show the lies there.

Justice's adopter Eswaran is still his legal guardian. He wanted Justice removed from the shop because he to came to know that Aileen was using Justice to sell her products and made him a showpiece in spite of Eswaran providing for him.
Justice is now in a home environment and still very much Eswaran's dog. Eswaran is going to Beijing for two weeks begining tomorrow.
When he comes back, we will organise a gathering where he and Justice and the current fosterer will all be therefor their wellwishers to come and meet them.
 Till then no news will be revealed about Justice and I hope you will all be patient till Eswaran gets back.
In the report Aileen claims that she did not receive donations for Justice? Was she saying cash donations or donations by way of food for him bought from her store?
If it is cash, we never said she collected cash. WE SAID SHE MADE PEOPLE BUY THINGS FROM HER SHOP FOR JUSTICE.
Id she is denying this - she is contradicting Meera Thuraivel's claims that she had bought Justice two weeks supplies.
She also said we did not give anything after Justice was adopted. This itself is a ridiculous contention as we do not continue providing necessities to our adopted dogs.

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