Sunday, March 4, 2012

The three puppies are down with parvo

Remember these three puppies that walked into Miki's house last week? Well Miki called us frantically saying that her mother wanted to turn them out and that she need to travel to Singapore. We told her to board them at a clinic for us to go and collect them last Monday. The vet had also charged RM30 per pup a day for boarding. Miki had deposited RM100 to cover for one day's boarding. The vet calls us on Monday to say the puppy was ill and after tests were conducted 0 it indicated that the puppy had contracted parvo. We told the vet to carry on treatment and because of this could not move the puppy out nor its siblings to prevent cross-infection. The vet called us today and told us that the puppy was ok but the other two were showing signs of falling sick. This is not a panel vet and we fear to think of what we would have to pay. We have plane to keep the puppy there for a week more before bringing them to the half-way-home to be quarantined. This is going to cost us the money we do not help - please help. They are at the Animal Polyclinic at 3 1/2 miles Old Klang Road.

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