Sunday, March 4, 2012

Beyonce's story shattered our hearts

Sometimes words can be much more powerful than pictures and in Beyonce's case the word to describe her plight had shattered our hearts into a zillion pieces. Our friends from KL Pooch Rescue had spotted Beyonce at a shelter after she was sent there by local council dog catchers. They were saddened to see her skin and bones and with a very badly infected eye which had gone soft. She looked at them begging for food - and they said that she could well be hoping for a second chance in life that will never come. These profound words made us want to take Beyonce in our arms and assure her that she would be safe. However, we had to sort out her health issues first before taking her in. The first thing to do would be to remove the infected eye as the infection could spread to the brain. But her blood work did not turn-up well and so she's being given nourishing food to strengthen her up before the surgery. Beyonce is reflective of the kind of values inculcated within out society - they kind of society which feels that dogs don't deserve to live of they are not owned. Whenever we visit her - our heart shatters even further as we see her seeking solace in her kennel. If she makes it through this ordeal - Beyonce will be assured of love and care all her life. Please help us help Beyonce.

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Anonymous said...

I have just donated RM500 for Beyonce - for her food etc.
Keep up the good work.