Sunday, March 4, 2012


On the way home to fosterer's place after surgery
We strongly believe that some of the dogs that come us bruised and battered have a strong will to live and that their time is not up yet. Blackie is a very good example of this. She was found with a deep slash wound by Debbie and we offered to take her in. Once at the clinic it was discovered that besides the big and deep cut - she also had a badly infected uterus which was oozing puss through her vagina. The pain she must have gone through must have been immense. She went in for surgery and the vet removed her uterus and found that her slash wound was an old one and had built a thick mass of scar tissue which could turn cancerous. It is believed that the wound must have been kept clean by the male dog which had been with her. It was difficult to catch him and given Blackie's condition - he was sadly left behind. If there's a fosterer available - we are prepared to comb the area for him. Blackie is now recuperating at a fosterer's home and we urgently need to raise the RM3,000 paid for her surgery. Please help us help Blackie.

On the day of her rescue

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