Sunday, October 2, 2011


GIVEN that we were participating in this year DOGATHON 2011, we decided to do a storyboard of sorts on some of our dogs. This is series one of the storyboard and we will be coming up with another one soon featuring a few more of our dogs and their stories.


Luca the Doberman was rescued by MDDB inKlang in 2008. Her condition was so bad that she did not even have the energy to walk. It is believed her owners dumped her due to a very bad case of demodex which had made her skin shrivel up and her eyes and limbs terribly swollen.Luca also stank like a sewer and if she were to be taken to the vet under normal circumstances, she would have instantly been put to sleep. However,being an anti-euthanasia organization, MDDB choose to give all it takes to treat Luca and restore her to her original beautiful self. After six months of intense treatment and proper nutrition, Luca blossomed into a beautiful dog and was adopted by a family in Ampang. Luca now leads a happy and active life.


Patches was rescued from the DBKL pound in Kuala Lumpur in 2008. She was infected with distemper and was at death’s door. The vets that were treating her had recommended that she is PTS but MDDB refused to do so. Patches was put on an intensive treatment where she was fed high protein food and put on a combination drug therapy. She recovered and is now living with her human family in Subang Jaya.


Auntie Thomasena was kept tied-up behind her owner’s house in Seri Petaling. Her only shelter from the sun and the rain was the little enclave under a broken piece of pavement slab. We decided to remove her and when we did, we were horrified to see that her underside had been cut, probably whenever she crawled in and out from under the slab. The wounds had festered and there were maggots crawling out of the golf-sized ulcers. We sent her to one of our panel vets and Thomasena has since been adopted by the person who had first highlighted her plight to us.


Cinderella was rescued from the KlangPound about two years ago when an NGO embarked on a project to rescue 40 dogs and rehome them in a farm in Bentong. A vet who was there to access the dog said it was best not to take Cinderella because of her facial injury given that there was no veterinary care in Bentong. So although she wanted to be rescued –Cinderella was left behind. We heard of her plight and took her in. We treated and neutered Cinderella before finding her a forever home.


Mimi Chitta lived with her human family in Semenyih. Her carefree life took on a tragic twist when a dog-hating neighbor swung at her with a machete. The knife looped off her nose and Mimi Chitta nearly bled to death. MDDB was informed of the tragedy and when MimiChitta was rushed to a panel clinic, the vets removed the remnants of her nosewhich was merely hanging from a thin piece of skin. After having undergone several surgeries, Mimi Chitta has learnt to make do with the merely her nostrils. She now lives in a sanctuary in Semenyih.


Maya was rescued from the Dewan Bandaraya Pound in Setapak. She had severe nerve damage after the dog catchers loop went around her shoulders. The nerve damage was so severe that the affected front limb hung on her like a useless piece of log. We treated her and she now lives happily with her human family in Petaling Jaya.


Rocky was a stray puppy that scavenged around the restaurants located at the foot of the Batu Caves temple. He was run over by a motorbike one day and his right front limb suffered serious nerve damage. A young man who spotted Rocky brought him to a veterinary clinic and eventually handed him over to us. We immediately consulted our panel vet who recommended that Rocky’s damaged limb is amputated. We did as advised and Rocky now leads a happy life in a sanctuary in Raub.


Lester was a stray that lived near the Petaling Jaya old town market. He was once a pet that was dumped at the market by his owner who did not want to care for him anymore. A hawker at the market,who knew the family that had abandoned Lester, fed him every day and ensured that he was okay. One day in 2009, she found Lester lying under a car with almost his entire back covered in scald burns. She thinks that he had been splashed with boiling oil. She turned to MDDB for help and Lester was given the necessary veterinary care and put up for adoption. He now lives in Section 16,Petaling Jaya with his human family.


Napoleon the puppy was found wandering near some restaurants in Kepong about three months ago. The two-month-old puppy had a large scald wound on his back and it is believed that he was splashed with hot water. A Good Samaritan spotted Napoleon and he took him home for the night before taking him to a vet. He was surrendered to us after the initial treatment and Napoleon is still at the veterinary clinic and only about 5percent of his horrendous wound is still raw.


Anonymous said...

It pains my heart to see such wonderful and beautiful creatures being hurt by such heartless and cruel humans but at the same time I find happiness and joy in my heart to know that such wonderful people run this organization to help out this poor animals. Keep up the good work dear people, your very courageous efforts make this world a more wonderful place. Thank you for inspiring kindness and good will and at the same time promoting civility among us .GOD bless everyone of you =)

Anonymous said...

MDDB is just.. wow! awesome. keep up the good work. :)

Dogs Lover said...

My heart sank when I see how far humans would go in treating dogs. They were called men's best friend for a reason. For all the dogs haters outside, when dogs bark at you, it is their natural instinct to guard their owners property.You do not need to whack them or pour them hot water. How would you feel if I slap your son/daughter so hard that they need intensive care when they try to protect you? How do you sleep at night doing this kind of things?

Also if you want to keep a dog because of how cute they are when they are little, my advice is, DON'T. Get a freaking mouse.

mummy-who-cooks said...

Damn you INHUMAN human...!


A huge pat on the backs of those who have put in so much effort and did what they truly believed in...that these canines should be given a second chance no matter what! I applaud the bravery and commitment that you guys have shown. Hopefully some day your org WILL be recognised worldwide and eventually have branches throughout the world. My hat off to all of you who have made us proud!

Pointy Pix said...

These are some of the world injuries I seen inflicted on dogs yet and I follow a lot of the animal welfare pages on facebook. Thank you so much for your kindness to these poor creatures and for helping them not only recover but find loving homes in most cases. I wish I could bring the wee dog with no nose back to live with me in Ireland-what a horrific thing to do to a defenceless animal, poor wee thing. I hope someone sees beyond her looks and gives her a forever home.

Anonymous said...

its so heartbreaking seeing all these poor dogs...thanks MDDB for trying your very best to help them...i'm the one who rescue Dumex and i still can't take it that she is not here anymore...from time to time i have made donations to MDDB...hopefully my small donations can help a bit..Thanks Wani

Anonymous said...

i almost cried seeing those poor dogs and how they were treated...dogs like have feelings..i gave up my dog to a good family who is caring for him..even after years, when i go back to visit him , he stills jumps happily at the sight of me..i felt so touch and sorrowful at the same time that my dog has been missing me so much. im so sadden by these human acts..and felt ashame of it.