Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kota Kinabalu

When we received several emails about the the recent incident in Kota Kinabalu attached with pictures, we were the least shocked. Having seen the extent of cruelty that Malaysians were capable of exerting on poor defenseless dogs, the manner in which the dogs were brutalised was not surprising at all. We may not have been shocked but we were certainly angry.......matter of fact we were very very angry. First and foremost this should not be happening when there are so many animal welfare and protection groups in existence in Malaysia. We should also have been able to collectively pressure the relevant authorities to ensure that the perpetrators were quickly and duly dealt with.

Another issue that really angered us was the ludicrous statements made by the KK SPCA president Mohd Iskandar Ali. He should be ashamed of himself and his organisation which is not only toothless but also completely useless.
“I cannot reveal details of the report as the case is under investigation,” Iskandar said yesterday.

Why are you speaking like a civil servant, you idiot? These animal lovers and activists had done you job for you and have gone and lodged police reports. You owe it to them to tell them what's going on instead of shutting them out. Iskandar said the Kota Kinabalu SPCA animal welfare unit conducted special training on Saturday for the employees of the company on humane methods to catch stray dogs. Yeah right! And after the training they are going to pamper and gallivant with the pooches before clunking them on their heads to kill the poor dogs off? This stupid statement brings to mind another equally or perhaps doubly stupid statement that was made by another idiot here when we exposed the atrocities in the Klang Pound. The idiot set-up a committee and conducted training and then announced that the dog catchers were 'noble' people who will henceforth treat dogs better. Several days later we were alerted to an incident whereby the same 'noble' dog catchers had gone out and brutalised a couple of pets in spite of the so-called training given to them. We made sure we pursued the matter and it paid off with the dog catchers being suspended from their jobs for a week.

He added, however, that lodging police reports or issuing warnings were not the best option as past experiences showed that many recipients of such warnings retaliated by more abuses of animals.

Duh! What experience? What has KK SPCA done so far in terms of acquiring experience as claimed by this dufus? We have on many occasions made police reports and demonstrated whenever there was cruelty. We can proudly lay claim to the fact that animal activism in regards to dogs became strong only after Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better's emergence. It was only after this the current ongoing changes to canine and feline welfare is taking shape. Given this, Iskandar's contention holds no water. So we hope the newly formed group!/groups/animalsfriendskk/
that came into being after the incident will play an active role in ensuring that animals are protected there and that the KK SPCA is kept on its feet to make sure that something is done.

What we would suggest is for them to find out if the company which had allegedly paid the brutes to brutalise the dogs is listed on Bursa Malaysia. There are many things that can be done in order to hold the culprits responsible.

KK SPCA must also be told that changes cannot be brought about with merely banter, sipping of Teh O and munching on curry puffs with the authorities. This has been proven by the what we heard about the dog shooting in Ipoh. Apparently dogs are still being shot in spite of a big group meeting the local council head and having a discussion over kueh muih and Teh O.

It would also be the right thing to do for KK SPCA to include representatives of the independent group in Kota Kinabalu in its discussions with the authorities and the company.

When people can accept strong political activism, such as the Bersih rally etc - why can't they accept strong animal activism? Why do people have this misguided perception that animal rescuers must be Mother Theresas? This is both misguided and lame. ANIMALS HAVE NO RIGHTS. IF YOU WANT TO FIGHT FOR THEM, YOU HAVE TO NOT ONLY BE HEARD BUT ALSO TAKEN VERY VERY SERIOUSLY.

To!/groups/animalsfriendskk/ - you have our support and we will be there for you all the way.

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tniz said...

I sincerely pray that all this offenders will learn their mistake n be guilty over it. I pray for justice for these dogs oh God they are also your creations...May they rest in peace....