Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yet another extreme cruelty case

Just about midnight last night, we received a frantic call saying that a dog had been bundled-up in a sack and left by the road side to die. We told them to rush the dog to a veterinary clinic and that we would take over from there. However, the dog did not make it through the night. Who are these people and how can they resort to such cruelty? We asked the Good Samaritans to send us pics and write to us what had happened, herewith their narration:

"Last night, a medium sized female dog was found at one of the main road in ss18 (by the high school). The dog was tied in a plastic bag and then into a sack and left to die by the bushes. Had it not struggled momentarily, I would not have noticed the random bag on the street moving weirdly and it would have been left there to die in such a cruel manner. With the help of my parents and 2 other friends, who drove all the way from Kota Damansara as soon as they heard - we managed to get the dog out from the bag. She was so skinny, obviously abandoned and was hanging on to dear life. She was black and white, with very pretty eyes. We took her to the vet at around 2:30am. Unfortunately, she didn't make it through the night. "

Thank you Leanne and Kimberly and parents for caring. Bless all of your compassionate hearts.


Anonymous said...

This is so sad!

Gratitude said...

I thank you so much, most kind and compassionate souls who tried your best to save her. Her soul would be at peace knowing that she passed away under your care.

Every Blessing!

natalie koo said...

I beg to whom which is being cruel to that animal even for other animal too (especially for the dog), please give them chances for live.

If you still being cruel to animal, you will suffer until die because of animal.