Sunday, July 10, 2011


Shiema posted on our FB page the other day about 2 mother dogs and their respective pups and that some of the pups had been run over. We planned to initiate the rescue and this took some time but luckily Mikheala and Reco have volunteered to oversee the rescue project. They had gone to the site on Saturday and surveyed place and spoke to the person who was feeding the dogs. After collecting cages from us at Summit, they went to the the place at midnight to catch the dogs and pups to be sent to Khomala's place for fostering. Here's what Mikheala wrote:

"Previously we informed you that in Puncak Jalil there's 2 set of dogs, (A) 1mother with 3 pups, and (B) 1 mother with 1 pup. When we reached there few hours ago, there's only left: 1mother with 2 pups, and 1 mother without pup. Dog A supposed to have 5 puppies, but 2 puppies died because of car crashed few days ago before we came, and 1 other pup died yesterday without any reason (died in a sudden). Dog A has injured on her left eyes, been abused by someone. The uncle gave her fish medicine to kill the maggots inside her eyes with a high risk that the dog might not survive, but eventually she's a strong momma. She also has skin problem around her body. The 2 puppies, brown and white-brown color are healthy, and I think they are ready for adoption. Both dog A and brown puppy seems afraid to human, while the white-brown color is quite comfortable with human touch. Dog B has few puppies but few of them has been taken by people around there (male pups) and left 1 black fat female pup. but today when we came, we didn't find the pup anywhere around, while the uncle said she must has keep the pup somewhere. The dog B is also hard to be catch, so till he finds the pup, we will wait. About the uncle: He is a Chinese man who has a fish shop in Puncak Jalil and feeding all the stray dogs nearby there. There are 6 strays there, and in the noon them they won't be around the shop lot, because they knew there's dog catcher around.. and if there's any the uncle will ask them to leave and they will be back at the evening. For around 5 years the uncle feeding the strays with fish food, not dog food, or sometimes chicken rice. He said dog A & B has gave birth for so many times and sometimes the pups been adopted by people, died because of car crashed, or uncle sent to SPCA. We've talked with him and he's agree to keep feeding the dogs and we will neuter them. After neutering, Komala will take care of them for few days before letting them go around the neighborhood again.

We will arrange for the mother to be neutered soon and once the mothers have been returned to the surroundings, we will start trapping and neutering the others that are being fed by the Uncle. We thank Mikheala, Reco, Reco's sister and Khomala for helping us out in this endeavor. What they are doing is exemplary and a far cry from what we have experienced with a few others. Some come in here and sabotage our work, and even go to the extent of sending people to attack us at our adoption drives.......and then months later crawl back in here as if nothing had happened. Of course, we know that it takes many types to make this world. Just like how we have those of you are go the extra mile to help us help the strays, there are also those who know nothing better other than create crap.


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