Saturday, July 16, 2011


It was a horrible day today with several cases of dogs in distress. We received our first call at about 7.50 am today from a grocery store owner who said that a young dog that lingered around her area in Setapak was knocked down by a car. She said the dog was howling in pain and asked if we could collect it. We advised her to take the dog to the nearest veterinary clinic where it can be first treated and collected by us later in the day. When w called about half-an-hour later, the lady said she had secured the dog and called a shelter to take it in. We told her that the dog would probably be put to sleep because if its injuries. She immediately took it to the veterinary clinic where the the dog was given the necessary treatment (the vet said it suffered from soft tissue injury) before taking it to her shop. Thanks Lasheni for picking-up the dog from the sundry shop. The dog will be fostered by Koo for the night after which we have to look for a place for it to recuperate.


The second call later in the day was about a little puppy which was also knocked down by a car at Bandar Sg Long. Joanne rushed the puppy to the vet and was told that it had a pelvic fracture. Luckily as its still a puppy, no surgery was required as the fracture will heal itself. We have also asked Joanne to foster the puppy for us for a week or tow because we are simply swamped.


Anyone willing to foster the Setapak dog, please call 019-3576477. Will be greatly appreciated.

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