Sunday, February 20, 2011


Messages like this make us see RED! Can you give us a number we can contact so that we can rescue the puppy? We are furious with this message. IT IS AN INJURED PUP. Have some urgency and at least tell us the number of the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call 019-3576477 or 012-3739007.

There is one puppy (approx 2-3months old) at my housing area (Section 19/12) got ran over by a car this morning. In fact, this is her second time. After her first wound healed on its own, she has to limp.
She is currently resting outside one of the houses. A kind family gave her some water, food and a towel.
I cannot take care of her as I have two dogs. "


Anonymous said...

The puppy was no longer there on Sunday morning. Someone must have taken the puppy to the vet.

Anonymous said...

I have already searched around 19/12 but the puppy was nowhere to be seen.
The kind family probably took the puppy to the vet.