Monday, January 11, 2010



Ms Shalini 'Cheenapop' Kiki-Mae and I having a discussion about the signature campaign

Kramer when he first came to us
Kramer on his wheels
Mr Hee guiding little Kramer
Dear Peeps,

we have been very very busy lately. Firstly, adoptions are rather slow in recent months and we reckon that this may be due to the festive season. So we are all trying our level best to find homes for our countless rescued puppies.
Then there is the Klang pound fiasco and we have taken to sending food to the pound at least once a week.
We also have our half-way-farm to kick start and that itself is a big big job to do.
Our director of signature campaign - for the petition to be presented to HRH the Sultan of Selangor - Ms Shalini 'Cheenapop' Kiki-Mae is also busy coordinating her assignment and I am also required to guide her a little now and then.
Anyway this post is to update about Kramer who is now being fostered by our Fund Raising Director Mr Strong Boy Hee.
Mr Strong Boy Hee is also helping Kramer to understand the nuances of being a pet and everything seems to be ok so far.
Mr Hee has also instructed his humans to build a contraption for Kramer to help him move about and that too has worked out well.
Thanks to Mr Hee's supervision and instructions, his humans have managed to come-up with an excellent invention.
We are yet to take Kramer to see a vet for his future medical needs and once we do this we will be in touch with Rasika and Norbert who have offered to foot his medical bills.
We also welcome others who want to chip in so that both Rasika and Norbert need not be burdened with the whole amount as Kramer will need some long term care because he tends to develop bedsores once in a while.
Anyway, Kramer is doing very well and he is a happy, happy, happy puppy albeit his disability.

Woof, Woof, Woof
Sharmini Popiko Sasha (Ms) (SPS)

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