Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Please help

The Klang Municipal Council will be putting 40 dogs down on the 15th. Can we all get together to save the lives of these dogs? MDDB proposes that all of us set out to find people who can take on or two of these dogs in temporarily. Once they are out of the pound, we will neuter them and get those which are adoptable adopted. Those that no one wants to adopt will be sent to some sanctuaries as well as farms willing to take them in. Please help. by pulling off this exercise - not only are we saving their lives but also pushing across the message that alaysians will no longer tolerate such cruelty. The local councils have no business putting dogs down when they do not have a proper system to manage the strays. They are finding the easy way out. Those willing to temporarily foster these dogs - please write to


Anonymous said...

so how was them now?
what can i do to help them as i really cannot afford to adopt them(living in flat house and parents wont allow)?
but i can donate some money to help them , so how now ,someone pls help them

Anak said...

If you love dogs, keep them on your yard. Don't let them stray. Dog owners always take the easy way. Instead of walking their dogs, they unleash the animal to stray around and pooh. The reason is always time. No time to walk the dog. Is this what you call love? And when the dogs have done the pooh thing, did the so called dog owners/lover clean the mess as it is done in the west? Don't think so. Where is the obligation towards other human being? If you don't let the dogs out, there will be no humping and consequently no breeding. No breeding means no puppies are thrown away by owners. Before you have a pet ask yourself these questions. Will I have the time to walk them. Will I have the guts to pick up their pooh and discard it properly? Will I be able to ensure no unwanted breeding to occur? Do I really need a pet?
If you can't do what you are supposed to do, don't blame the local authority for doing what it is supposed to do. I am not supporting the local authority or what they are doing. I am just sick and tired with the attitude of the so called animal owners/lovers who seemed to be blaming others for the irresponsible things they have done.