Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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Petaling Jaya, 9th December 2009 - The Woof Meow Charity Carnival is all set to take place on the 12.12.09 from 10am- 6pm at the Sports Plaza PJ (Lot 14, Jalan Bersatu Seksyen 13/4).

This fund raising event is being held to raise much needed funds to help independent pet rescuers and animal welfare organizations to continue with their efforts in addressing animal welfare issues in. Malaysia.

Proceeds of the Charity will go to the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better and Furry Friend Farm; two animal shelters in Malaysia which practice a No-Kill policy. All proceeds will be spilt between the both of them.

This fund-raising event is led by Shyam Priah with help from friends Subashni Bahsu, Petri Marttinen and Daphne Iking– “just your simple average citizens who care about the environment and the disturbing issues that concern our society,” says leader of the pack, Shyam.

Shyam and friends are no strangers to volunteering and doing their part in “giving back to the community”. Early this year, they spearheaded Sampah Masyarakat, an organization to tackle the Malaysian malady of littering through voluntary cleaning efforts. Armed with only gloves, rakes and shovels, 50 kind-hearted souls cleared the rubbish and litter left behind by the 1.3 million devotees that visits Batu Caves during the annual Thaipusam celebration.

This time around, Shyam and friends were saddened by the plight of the 300 stray dogs or so, that were rounded up by Pulau Ketam residents and deported to an isolated mangrove island to fend for themselves.

Most did not survive as there is no space, no food and no water. Most died trying to swim back. Organizations like Furry Friends Farm tried to help as many dogs as they could. But there is only so much they can do with the limited funds and resources that they have.

Educating the public in the areas of pet care, importance of spaying and teaching owners on raising their pets the right way, BESIDES sheltering stray animals, requires more than just time and passion. These independent organizations often run low on funds, proving a hindrance to their efforts.

“That is why we need funds to assist them as well as to educate pet owners on responsible pet ownership, and we hope to achieve with this charity drive,” adds Shyam.

The event will also see a celebrity car wash with the radio and TV personalities, led by Daphne Iking and Friends. Among those who have agreed to volunteer are Rina Omar, Amber Chia, Ben Ibrahim, David Lai as well as the top winners of the recent Malaysian Ford Models Search, Kelly Jagan and Danny Lim.

Some of the other activities besides the Carwash would be:

1. Jumble sale
2. A pet adoption drive
3. Malaysian female rally driver, Gina Finanza will be there with her rally car to talk about her career
4. A Mini owners group will be doing a drive by, titled Doggies in Minis.
5. A sassy PDRM K9 unit demo
And lots more!

The event will also see the largest honorary tribute ever done for pets in Malaysia.
The event is planned to be eco friendly by using Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Alternative soap which took 3 months to prepare!

Please help us spread this message around. We need cars and volunteers who are keen on having lots of fun with soap suds and water!

For more information, please contact:
Shyam (019 665 2387) or Daphne Iking (019 700 0066)

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Stop Animal Abuse said...

Excellent site and very noble effort!

I pray that all of you will be blessed with the strength and perseverance to carry on this good fight for the creatures who share Mother Earth with us!

Stop Animal Abuse