Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We received this frantic email and are wondering if anyone would like to volunteer to come with us to perhaps remove the dog? We have a location map. Anyone interested ---- please e-mail or call 0193576477.

I hope you can do something for this pityful dog. I've tried to seek help from SPCA twice, but unfortunately - the dog is still being chained there day/night, rain or shine.....

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Sent: Wed, November 18, 2009 4:14:18 AMSubject: Dog being chained in the rain in Kepong area..... Please help!!!


As discussed, this is the dog being chained in the rain days/nights. I first discovered him/her when I was in this area for an appt at night , and he was chained in the dark in a pouring rain..... That was almost one week ago. I have not forgotten him; I went back again this afternoon, hoping not to see him/her there, but unfortunately, he is still there being chained in the rain!!! Please talk to the owner and educate them the proper way to treat a dog, this is very cruel. Please try to do something soon because it's been raining for days..... poor dog will be shivering and get sick easily in this cold and wet weather. I do not know the exact address there but it's near SRJK (Chinese) Kepong . It's an open space with bushes and trees next to a shop selling metal material etc. Here is the map for your reference. Hope you can rescue this dog from this sad situation. Thanks and God bless.

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Janz said...

Those ppl are insane... How can they treat animals tht way? Pls Pls help rescue the dog... Im sure he or she wil b very grateful to anyone tht go to the rescue... The chain is so short and its very hard for the dog to even move around.. Pls help...