Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Injured Puppy

Last week a Ms Lee called us quite late at night saying that a group of teenagers had run over a puppy. We could hear the heart wrenching wails of the puppy through the phone and we asked her to immediately rush it to our panel vet in Klang. Luckily the vet took our call and agreed to open his clinic to tend to the puppy. One of the puppy's hind paws was crushed with serious external injuries. The vet said there were also fractures to the bones. The wound was dressed-up and the puppy was put on drips - the external injuries are healing and by the looks of it the puppy is doing quite well. The puppy is now under our care. We are seeking prospective fosterers, adopters and sponsorship for this puppy which may need a couple of months of veterinary care. Please write to

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