Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Passed-by a premier pet shop recently and saw four dogs that were lethargically lying in their glass enclosures . Went in to see what was wrong and was told by a shop assistant that the air conditioning into these 'glass cages' was not working. A small crack was kept open but this was insufficient for ventilation. The dogs were literally suffocating. When I asked the assistant to remove the dogs and place them in cages inside the shop - she said no one would be able to see them from the outside if they were placed inside the shop. So, it boils down to the fact that the welfare and wellbeing of the dogs did not matter as the paramount concern was making money out of them. The dogs on sale were also young adults and they will be sent back to the breeder as people prefered buying puppies. These dogs will soon go on to become breeding machines. Why do the local councils churn out permits for pet shops to sell dogs whilst at the same time hunt and kill strays? Do not buy and give these mosters a reason to breed and sell.

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