Friday, November 11, 2011


Dear all,
Justice is going in for his surgery tomorrow (SAT, NOV 12) and we ask of you to channel healing thoughts his way. What has happened to Justice is a very sad reflection of the blatant disregard people have for dogs here.
We are still not able to fathom the reasoning, if any can be given at all, behind why so much anger was directed towards a puppy. How could anyone inflict such an injury which has severed his spinal column and chord into two?
The force that had been exerted to hit him with an object, which is probably a piece of wood or a metal rod, must have been extremely excessive for such an injury to have been inflicted. We hope with all our hearts that the surgery will be a success - because Justice deserves to live.
It is now up to all of us to ensure that this innocent puppy which lies maimed and broken due to human cruelty is given a chance to live. Please keep Justice in your thoughts tomorrow.
The surgery will start at about 2.30pm at Gasing Veterinary Hospital and is expected to end several hours later.

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