Tuesday, November 8, 2011



Justice will be going in for surgery this Saturday afternoon and we are fervently hoping that all will turn out well. The surgery is to set his fractured spine and spinal cord straight with implants and although we know Justice may not ever walk again, we hope it will return his bowel control with subsequent physiotherapy and acupuncture. His surgery and post-surgery veterinary care is expected to cost about RM10,000 whilst another RM5,000 is needed for subsequent care and relevant medicines for stem cell treatment. So far we have raised slightly over RM7,000 and are working feverishly raising the remaining sum. Some of you may ask why not just put Justice to sleep and save the money instead of spending it on one dog - our only response would be that he deserves to live. Having dealt with many seriously injured and dying dogs over the years, we can easily see in Justice's eyes his desperation to live. What has happened to Justice is reflective of the scant regard for animal welfare that we have here. What could the poor puppy possibly have done to deserve such a severe beating which resulted in his spine and spinal chord being severed? Please help us to help Justice and please keep him in your thoughts.


Az Ashburn said...

Good job MDDB. Get well soon Justice...I really hope the culprits will be caught soon..we don't need psychos who inflict pain on harmless creature..

Luv & hugs to Justice,
Az & furry kids

Anonymous said...

Of course he deserves to live. Humans did this to him and humans have
to make it right for him, whatever the cost. I have donated twice, and will again. In the meantime please update.

~kittY~ said...

I shed tears when I read this. May God Bless Justice & Heal him fast. Every living creature deserve to live. Please get well soon...