Monday, January 17, 2011

THANK YOU Department of Veterinary Services Selangor

Handsome's remains being taken for post-mortem
DVS officers after collecting Handsome's remains
DVS officers before leaving with Handsome's remains
DVS investigating officers taking down the necessary details

We are very grateful to the Selangor DVS for promptly acting on our complaint re: Handsome. They were at our panel clinic where Handsome's remains were slightly over an hour after we called. The took down all the necessary information and also Handsome's remains to be sent for post-mortem to determine his cause of death. They are taking what had happened to Handsome very seriously and we are glad about this. DVS will take several days to carry out the investigations and MDDB will give them our fullest cooperation and help them in whichever way we can. Once again TERIMA KASIH DVS Selangor, your prompt action is greatly valued and appreciated. Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

Good for Selangor DVS. They have indeed chocked up a few points for themselves. Let's hope they will act speedily to take action against the owner.

A dog lover said...

i really hope the DVS can prove something that is against the owner. Eventhough sad to say the M'sian laws are quite loose to animal abusers. And so what if the owner is being fined? He/she will walk out of the court with a grin -'what can u do to me?'

Princess Jennifer said...

I hope DVS will do something for Handsome!
And Handsome, RIP.
There are many more people who cares about you even though you are no longer here. Hope you will find peace now in your new place. =)