Thursday, January 20, 2011

Selayang Pound Bodoh!

UPDATE: We received word at 4.00pm that the dog was released to its feeder who has found a place for the dog to be quarantined. Given that the pound has a history of being a place infested with distemper and parvo viruses, it will first have to be kept isolated before sending to the veterinary clinic for spaying.
Dr. Razif Zainol Abidin
Pengarah Kesihatan
Tel : 03-61370757 Faks : 03-61388300
Selangor's premier dog abuser the Selayang pound, which belongs to the Selayang Municipal Council, has done it again. Are the people managing it as bodoh as they behave? An independent rescuer who has been feeding a stray in Selayang, with the aim of befriending the dog pending vaccination and spaying before rehoming, was devastated when the dog went missing about a week ago. Her week long search led her to the Selayang pound where she found the dog. She asked to adopt the dog and said she was willing to pay whatever compound imposed on her. She had to use an intermediary as she has been banned from the pound for exposing the cruelty there several months ago. She was asked to go to the office where she was asked to apply for a license immediately. Are these people so bodoh that they do not know that to get a license the dog has to be vaccinated and photographed first? Are we wasting our tax RM paying for bodohs like this to man counters dealing with the public? They have isolated the dog upon request but knowing that the pound is still managed by Dr Razif and Evil Ernie, we won't be surprised if they rush to put the dog down. From this episode we know that Cruel Dr Razif and Evil Ernie are fueled by their personal prejudices against dogs - as they would rather kill them than allow the dogs to be rescued. I think its time for the Selayang Pound to be kicked in the butt again and let's see if their mascot will wheel himself there and defend their cruelty as he did the last time around.


Anonymous said...

Once a moron, always a moron. A leopard can never change its spots. A man without brains will never ever grow one. That's why, some people are more 'stupider' than others. Too bad most of these land up at dog pounds where they can bully and show their masochism. They have no 'balls' so they have to resort to bullying the weaker creatures. When these morons get their dues, let's hope they won't use the word 'takdir'. It's not fate, it's their screwed up brainless butthead with their heartless blacker than pitch and worse than hell way of thinking. What do u expect if one's brain is filled with dog shit? Garbage in, garbage out. Shit in, shit out. Sorry, doggies, didn't mean to insult ur shit. Of course, we know that even dog shit is too good for these people.

Anonymous said...

Why not try writing to one of the Selangor State Executive Councillor about it. Maybe, to Elizabeth Wong since part of Selayang in under her area. Hopefully, someone in politics would be sympathetic to the cause of the abused animals. An idea would be to promote this cause to be part of their political "promises"?

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless! I got my Shiz Szu from the street - he was in a very bad shape. I gave him all the treatment including vaccination and it cost me a lot. We love him, for us he's the best and we are planning to get another dog. My Snow don't have a license. How will i feel if my Snow were put to sleep for nothing he did.

Why we need license in the first place.... my "God"! they are tame pets not wild one - like snake, monkey or tiger. Pakai otak sikit lah.

We don't need a heartless person to sit as Pengarah Kesihatan if he can do a good job - take him out!