Thursday, August 25, 2011

Semenyih Puppy Update


Remember the Semenyih puppy that was so fierce that it was difficult to handle him?

Well, we've been told by his fosterer that he is doing well and receptive towards people now.

This was not the case when we went to the clinic to get him last week or when we had visited him soon after his rescue.

He nearly chomped our fingers off and we had to get the vet and vet assistant to help put him into a carrier for Derene to take him back home to Kuantan.

Apparently, he's slowly turning into an adorable boy and this means we can finally put him through a thorough veterinary examination.

Here's what Derene says:

Puppy's condition is improving very fast. He's getting very playful and demanding. We normally let him play on the floor while we watch TV, and he'll go to our feet and treat them as his chew toys. When my dad is feeding our other dogs, he'll bark non-stop to let him know that he wants to eat too. He loves it when we scratch his tummy, and will roll over whenever we go near him. =)
He's still a little nervous when carried. Before picking him up, we'll have to put our hands beneath his body and wait for him to move into a comfortable position. He won't struggle and cry if he's picked up like that. He no longer need to wear a muzzle.

When he wants to poo poo and pee, he'll let us know by crying and crawling away from his towel.

He's really a sweetheart.

Thank you Derene, you're a sweetheart too for being there with and for us from the time we started. May you have all the good things in life.


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