Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Our noseless dog MIMI CHITTA is well and ready to be discharged from the vet. We now have to look for a place for her as we are unsure if we want to send her back to where she was so brutally maimed.
Her owner says she is willing to take MIMI CHITTA back but told us that we should give her away if someone else wants her.
However, they want MIMI CHITTA's mother MA BARKER back.
MIMI CHITTA has learnt to cope with her disability and eats well.

MIMI CHITTA - cannot be confined so she's seen here sulking in a corner at the clinic.

However, MIMI CHITTA needs to be shown a lot of affection as she is very distrustful of strangers.
She cannot be tied up and has the doggie skills to break out from any cage and this is something she must have picked-up from her notorious mother MA BARKER.
Those willing to give a shot at fostering MIMI CHITTA please call 019-3576477 or write to

The notorious MA BARKER - taught her daughter to breakout from cages.

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