Monday, June 20, 2011

HERNIA BOY a.k.a James Dean

HERNIA BOY a.k.a James Dean came to us about a year ago after he was hit by a car in Kapar. His feeder Irena Tan contacted us and we went and removed Hernia Boy from the streets and admitted him to a veterinary clinic in Klang.
Both his legs were splayed and initially it was thought that he had suffered severe spinal cord injury.
However, the vets found that he had suffered from diagrammatic hernia and needed urgent surgery. Hernia Boy was transferred to another clinic in Subang Jaya where he had his first surgery.
Although he could stand-up and walk after the surgery the vet told us that he would still suffer from complications as the entire tear could not be stitched-up.
He was fine for a while but could not digest food no matter how much he ate - and Hernia Boy was indeed a big eater.
So, we readmitted him again and this time around a larger scale surgery was done on him and Hernia Boy survived the ordeal although he was very thin at that time.
We attribute this to his will to live. He is currently eating well and doing fine.
Hernia Boy is even starting to put on weight and we will give him a few more weeks before pictures are taken again.
Hernia Boy was operated on again and his bill is still outstanding at the clinic even if he has been discharged. We need help with Hernia Boy's veterinary care and hope that you'll come forward to help.

Cheques in favour of:

Brickfields Veterinary Medical Center


Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd (654290-T)

and mail it to:

c/o No 48, Jalan Jeriji U8/75C, Bukit Jelutong, 40150, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Or bank into:

Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd

Public Bank Account Number: 3151793708.

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