Saturday, June 25, 2011


Goldie was rescued from a pet shop in June last year after the shop owner did not know what to do with her. All her siblings had been sold but Goldie was stuck at the shop because she was blind. She was taken from the shop and fostered by our friend Rena pending consultation with a South African animal eye specialist regarding her eyes. Several months later the consultation took place but Goldie’s eyes were found to have been too badly damaged for any rectification to be done. Goldie was found to be very healthy other than being blind and suffering from slight brain damage due to distemper infection when she was a pup. Rena continued to foster here as we were desperately looking for an adopter or a long term fosterer who could give Goldie love and attention.
We thought we had found Goldie a good home when two people from a religious organisation, known for its great philanthropic work, wanted to take Goldie in. The lady HL took some time to ponder about it and decided that she wanted Goldie. We were initially skeptical and called her to find out if she could really cope with caring for Goldie.
She felt insulted and was rather rude and reiterated that she wanted Goldie and would take good care of her. She then took Goldie and Rena kept in constant touch with HL who kept feeding Rena, what we have now discovered, lies that Goldie was doing fine. A few weeks ago we were told that her friend M (who had come to find out about Goldie with HL) had put Goldie at a veterinary clinic for temporary boarding while his house was being renovated.
We were told that he was building a special enclosure for Goldie to allow her to run around. We were deliriously happy………until two days ago when a tearful Rena called to say that HL had told her that Goldie had been put to sleep because she suffered from multiple medical conditions. HL also claimed that this was done by another person who had taken over Goldie and she also blamed M for everything.
HL told Rena that the veterinary clinic which had put Goldie to sleep had sent her remains to the SPCA for disposal. She refused to say which veterinary clinic and feigned ignorance – putting the blame on the so-called new adopter. (Anyway she should have told us that Goldie was being adopted by someone else per our regulations. However, HL was lying through her teeth as there wasn't a new adopter as claimed by her.)
We were shocked and devastated and wanted Goldie’s remains to at least give her a decent final farewell. We called M and he revealed that he had not seen Goldie from the time HL had taken her from us. Since we were not in a position to do any sleuthing and Rena was in a bad shape after hearing the latest development, we called our friend Dr Chan Kah Yein to help us out.
We requested her to help obtain Goldie’s remains. We were relieved to hear from her that Goldie was yet to be euthanized and was at the SPCA. Dr Chan immediately told the SPCA manager Dr Lim not to put Goldie to sleep as Rena would be going to the shelter to get her.
Rena did not sleep the whole night and left for the SPCA at 5.00am and was waiting at the gate when the SPCA vet Dr Pushpa arrived at 7.30am. She had gotten to Goldie just in time as the poor dog had indeed been scheduled for euthanasia. Further sleuthing revealed that it was HL who had ordered the euthanasia . Goldie is now with Rena, perfectly healthy but very thin with long long nails indicating that she had not been cared for possibly from the time she was ‘adopted’ by HL.
We also heard that the organisation, that both HL and M, came from, had problems with its animal rescue unit. Apparently they had ventured into an area which they could not handle and had also lost much money by way of veterinary bills. Our advise to them would be that rescuing, rehoming and treating animals is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort, time and compassion for one to be involved in it positively.
This advise also goes out to the recently emerging rescuer wannabes who have created more harm than good in their so-called attempts at rescuing and rehoming. Do it only if you are prepared for the long haul. DO NOT do it for a pat on the shoulder or personal glory. DO NOT make these poor dogs, that are in so much of need, tools to overcome your insecurities and sick ego. As for HL, we are not done with you yet.
Your spiritual guru will be told of this and requested to get an explanation from you for the web of lies you had spun. And HL, the next time you chant mantras for Lord Buddha, remember that you are a liar and hypocrite who had ordered the termination of life.
Our heartfelt thanks to Dr Chan - Kah Yein, you are indeed a friend in need - as well as Dr Lim and Dr Pushpa of the SPCA.


m i c h e l l e said...

Thank God Rena was able to save Goldie in time.. ! Problem is with some adopters they have no idea what are the tasks and responsibilities involved when it comes to taking in a dog.. they bite more than they can chew and often times the animals are the victims of irresponsible people... I hope that after such terrible ordeals Goldie's gone through.. I pray that she'll get a pet owner who truly deserves her and is wiling to do what they can for her to live the life she's suppose to. Thanks to all who help Goldie and may God bless you all =D

Colin Kuan said...

Sharmini, can you send me a message on facebook as to who this L person is? I had recently been recommended to contact someone from this religious organisation (if it is the same one that I think you are talking about) to foster some pups I rescued. After I read this I am really glad I did not take up the recommendation.

100wui said...

The name of this heartless person should be revealed to avoid further harm done to any other animals. If it is fact, diclose the name.

Anonymous said...


Yujin said...

Dude, Kudos to you! As a Buddhist and also dog lover, I am saddened by HL's ignorant and foolishness, but at the same time I am truly, I am really, really grateful that you guys have managed to save Goldie sweetie. This is true compassion and true effort. Thank you again!

Devakie said...

I was once told by a staunch Buddhist that dogs have to learn the hard way and whatever they undergo in life (their home, how they are treated and where they end up)is their karma. Just imagine: homo sapiens decide for them and the dogs are to undergo karma. Strange but True Practice! Must go all out to determine if Buddha taught this to his disciples.

Charlie said...

yes, avoid more damage and let us know who this heinous person is, especially if she is seeking to adopt or abuse more!!!

Klieo Lee said...

Thank God Goldie is saved!!! Taking care of a blind dog is not easy! My friend has a blind dog too that is blind due to old age. I will walk him sometimes and really need to take care of him cos he will bump into cars and simply walk into drains! As for that organisation, shame on you! Obviously doing it just to show off to the world that they are kind and stuff. Yuck! Though I understand it may be inconvenient to disclose their names for some reason, I hope people will know about them so they wont simply send animals there thinking they will be safe and worse, may even give them donation when obviously they don't deserve it!