Monday, January 31, 2011


WE have been informed that exco Dr Xavier Jayakumar and the three member CAD committee will be inspecting the Klang pound tomorrow. Of course, everything will be in tip top condition as prior notice has been given. Next, we can expect a grand announcement in Petnegative that the pound was in tip top condition with the dogs being loved and pampered before execution. Petnegative will also brag that the superb conditions is because of its efforts. Brings to mind the incident whereby the committee's resident cad went on to announce how he had wheeled around and taught the Klang saintly dog catchers to 'humanely' catch dogs and that wire loops would no longer be used. Barely, a couple of days later this happened:
Of course we would like to put on record that the Klang Municipal Council's Health Department and its officers have now come to understand the need to show compassion for dogs and are going around looking for land to put-up a proper pound. They are also now very cooperative and we are very appreciative of this.
However, the dog catchers are the same old brutal bunch who know not what compassion is.

Given this, they do not need the 3-member CAD committee, with Dr Xavier in tow, to give them prior notice before a visit and then give the thumbs-up sign for a good job done.
The smart thing would be to go there unannounced.

P/S Dr Xavier, with due respect, could you speak to rescuers instead of the chief cad for feedback on how to manage pounds and tackle the stray problem. He is giving you wrong and bad advise.


Anonymous said...

Cheers, keep on exposing all the ills of the dog pounds. We're behind you all the way. U r better than the other supposedly to be animal welfare organisations who only know how to collect donations and fund-raising. They are dead to the animals' cries. As for the wheelie, let him wheel himself to hell - the sooner,the better.

Anonymous said...

The CAD committee is a useless bunch of idiots who are clueless about strays. Dr Xavier is a bigger idiot for going around with them.

Anonymous said...

I just read this post and I'm very sure that the MPK dog catchers used wire loops when catching stray dogs. I witnessed this myself when the stray dog in front of my house was caught right in front of me.

But, since then my family has adopted her from the Klang pound and she's well taken care of.