Monday, November 15, 2010


We received some bad news this morning and are very heart broken that Goldie the Labrador's eyesight cannot be restored.
Animal ophthalmologist Dr Izak Venter who saw Goldie at the animal hospital in Jalan Tun Razak this morning said the retina in both her eyes were severely damaged and he believes that this could be due to her being infected by distemper at an early age. Goldie was rescued from a pet shop and we know how notorious some of this places can be and what comes to mind is the Malay Mail report some years ago that a pet shop had placed a puppy suffering from parvo near the stairwell for it to die. Perhaps, Goldie was so strong that she didn't die but the lack of medical and supplementary care to arrest the damage by distemper had resulted in her becoming blind. Dr Venter also says that part of her brain is also damaged. We had waited for months for Dr Venter to come down and hoped he would be able to restore Goldie's sight but it looks like fate had other plans. We would liketo thank those who had contributed towards Goldie's eye surgery. We are now desperately looking for someone to take Goldie in. She is a loving and genteel dog and has been spayed and vaccinated. We will provide her food and pay for her medical care if someone takes her in. If you can't adopt her fostering is also welcome. Please help. She is still at the hospital and we will leave her to board there until the end of the week. Those who want to visit Goldie can go to:ANIMAL MEDICAL CENTRE, WISMA MEDIVET, NO 8, JALAN TUN RAZAK, 50400 KUALA LUMPUR
Anyway, Dr Venter, who is a consultant with the renowned Johannesburg Animal Eye Hospital, is a very accomplished animal ophthalmologist and if you have pets with eye problems, he's the one who can help. Here's something about him:

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Hello, May I know what is the Goldie status now?? Has someone adopt him yet? Please contact me at