Monday, November 15, 2010

Attempts to sabotage us

If you read the comments co0lumns - you will note attempts to sabotage us with various allegations. These are undoubtdly done by sicko individuals who are being eaten up by their spite and vindictiveness. The allegations are:

1) We owe vets money. What's new? Don't we say that here all the time? Yes, we owe vets money because we carry out many rescues which requires intensive care. We are also neutering, neutering and neutering. So, please everyone this allegation is true - we owe our vets money because we are very short of funds. So , please people - send us your loose change so that we would be able to settle the account with all our vets.

Cheques in favour of:

Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd (654290-T)

and mail it to:

c/o No 48, Jalan Jeriji U8/75C, Bukit Jelutong, 40150, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Or bank into:

Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd

Public Bank Account Number: 3151793708.

2) Some vets don't like us.

Of course they don't. We have proven them wrong that all dogs that are infected with parvo and distemper should be put to sleep. However, there are also many vets who help us treat our rescues that suffer from parvo and distemper and continue helping us eventhough our payments are slow.

3)That we have problems with other rescue groups?

Pray tell which one?

4) We dognap.

Of course we do. We have no qualms removing dogs from abusive owners and we challenge these owners to lodge police reports against us for putting an end to their cruelty.

5)We play vets.

We don't play vets but have formulated our own treatment protocol for distemper and parvo with the help of one of our regular vets. We are proud of it as it has saved many canine lives. We have also helped owners treat their infected pups and dogs. What's wrong if we use our brains to think of ways to treat our pups and dogs?

6) We put cats and dogs to sleep.

Yeah, right! Stop contradicting yourself - first you say we owe vets money and now you say we kill. If we are believe in putting animals to sleep - our veterinary bills won't be so high!


Raj Santhana said...

My mother always has a saying for people like this;

If you have nothing nice to say, then shut the hell up...

Veteran said...

Feigning ignorance on having problems with other animal groups? As if you didn't know Wani/SPS. And for once just tell the truth about the problems with those vets! Such a big water buffalo like you should at least be more truthful and have the guts to at least explain to those vets that you've avoided for so long.

Sabotage? I don't speak for the others but I think you did it to yourself by always opening your dirty buffalo butt mouth. For instance, the Pulau Ketam incident? Remember what happened after what you said and did? To think we actually helped you so much? Such a backstabbing, ungrateful buffalo aren't you!

Anonymous said...

Veteran you fool - are you on drugs, your shithead? MDDB was not involved in the Pulau Ketam fiasco you dickhead! What problems with vets? Are you sure you have got the right group - your stinking dog poo of a person? Give proof as to which vets you idiot - and stop speaking in riddles if you are worth your salt. We are upfront and you better have the balls to be upfront too?

Kia Loong said...

Why is it when any1 call out these accusers to give proof, they give a lousy retort, as tho giving proof is a laughable thing to do? Then they chicken out. So funny :-O

I read the other posts, every1 demanding proof, but again, accuser chicken out. Btw Veteran, did u confuse urself with your precious SPCA, or Furry Friends Farm, or some other organization? Bcos I dont remember MDDB was involved with Pulau Ketam either.

So again I will ask the same quetions every1 asked, who what where when regarding "angry" vets who BOYCOTT MDDB? Ive a feeling all these "accusers" are just sock puppets from that Anthony guy from Petpositive. Just refer back to the comments, months back even, those who attack MDDB will always bring up Petpositve and SPCA's "good" sides, and it's no secret that they work together.

Its also funny that the sock puppets gave up accusing MDDB of misusing funds after CDDI's accountant proved 'them' wrong. Now 'they' have to resort to new nonsense. I cant wait to see whats next.

The sock puppets are like those typical gutter politician that we despise. All 'they' do is camp 'their' fat asses and run a political smirch campaign. MDDB may not be able to save all dogs, but they make the effort to do what they can, and have proven themselves with the various success stories!

So I ask u puppets, for what u do all this? What are u trying to achieve? Its already apparent the supporters here hate what ur doing. I dont see any1 from MDDB going to ur lousy, messy, attention-whorish-pictures-spammed site causing trouble so pls extend the same courtesy to MDDB. Oh wait, I just realised your crappy blog is moderated, unlike MDDB who isnt afraid of advocating free speech and allows for anonymity. Nice to know ur taking full advantage of it, u childish spiteful slimeball.

Anonymous said...

BTW Wani, how's Dr Cheah?

Anonymous said...

Who is Dr Cheah?

Anonymous said...

Sorry typo... Dr Cheng...r u still angry with her?

Veteran said...

Kia Loong you must be new to MDDB or got a bad memory.Or you(WM)could be feigning again, it's your modus operandi right?. Anyway whoever you are, just ask WM@SPS if MDDB was involved in Pulau Ketam or read Wani@SPS posts. Or shall I help youlah siince you dunno...

And what's this about some accountant proving who wrong? MDDB misusing funds? I personally wouldn't be surprised that this is happening to MDDB. Whoever's so called in charge of MDDB should investigate their organization from within rather than ask others for proof. After all everyone here is "Anonymous" as well right?

And to Wani@SPS, just drop the actlah, don't have to pretend so much!

Anonymous said...

Veteran you idiot, you have a problem with English ah?

The opening to the post reads - "Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better accompanied Furry Friend's Farm founder Sabrina Yeap and blogger TV Smith on a rescue mission to Pulau Tengah on Thursday."

Try to understand the meaning first. If we were involved in Pulau Ketam, how come no other posts on our so called involvement in the fiasco?

Sabotahe as much as you want Veteran at the end of the day, if we chose to strike off the entire MDDB project, like what you want, we are not going to lose anything. Its the dogs that will lose out one more platform that is helping them.

Then again you don't care about that do you? As far as you are concerned, to hell with the dogs and their welfare. MDDB is doing its job and being vicious , you have to stop it, righto?

How would I know how Nadzariah Cheng is? Why don't you ask her if I am still angry with her? By the way your questions, multiple IDs from the same IP address is giving away your identity.

What's the matter, sore with your bed sores?

Anonymous said...

i support u mddb. just ignore comments from these selfish people who are more concerned about self-gain than the welfare of these animals. i have been to your adoption drive countless times and you guys have shown compassion and love while devoting your weekends to the dogs. Cheers.

Stray Dog