Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Dear people,

our email had been hacked recently and our friends and supporters received mails saying one of us was in Scotland attending an animal welfare conference and was stranded. The writer asked for money to be transferred via Western Union to an address there. When a friend asked for a name - the hacker gave one of our names. That is identity theft. We were surprised as this name is rarely or hardly mentioned on the blog. He or she must have painstakingly gone through the entire blog prior to hacking our email. Anyway, we made the necessary reports and initiated investigations. We were told our email was hacked from South Africa - IP add - vodacom.co.za: We also traced the address in Scotland . The hotel management and local police were then immediately alerted. We had also contacted Vodacom. We do not know the progress in both places as yet. Our email has since been retrieved and the necessary measures have been taken. So, people do be careful when a similar thing happens.

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