Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Dear all,

this time of the year is always very frightening for us due to the large number of rescues. This is because the mating season was just over. We now have with us countless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Given this we will be holding our adoption drive at The Summit Subang Jaya this Sunday Sept 12 from 11.00am to 7.00pm. We are also very short of dog and puppy dry and canned food as well as only have a bag or two of rice left. This is a very difficult phase. So would be happy and thankful to receive rice and kibbles for our dogs and puppies. Hope to see all of you there.


Anonymous said...


MDDB: ...this time of the year is always very frightening for us due to the large number of rescues. This is because the mating season was just over. ______________________________________________

As far as I know, there is no such thing as a fixed schedule for dogs mating season. Most female dogs have regular cycles usually every six to eight months. It's also quite typical for dogs to be in heat twice a year.

MDDB must be privy to some secret formula about heat cycles that us seasoned vets don't know about! Please get the facts right MDDB.

Also, while we can commend CROCS for the support in donation boxes, goodie bags...etc. But vouchers? Wouldn't it be better, instead of giving a CROCS voucher to potential adopters, to look at vouchers for dog food or maybe even a rebate for pet licensing? The latter would be better for RPO wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Come off it! There is a mating cycle and its is always stated by animal resccue groups Aug to Oct sees a glut in kitten and puppies. Don't also be stupid, Crocs are a footwear company and can only offer footwear vouchers. I think only those who can afford to feed their pets should adopt. Why are you jealous of MDDB?


Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a mating season for dogs. The cycle varies from dog to dog and therefor, there it is not possible to have a "season". Female dogs will come into heat twice a year, roughly every 6 months. These are facts, you can google/ wiki it. No need to fight over facts.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous @ September 11, 2010 9:33am

At least Crocs is doing something to help stray animals. Instead of insulting people and corporations who are at least doing something to help animals, which is very rare in this country, perhaps you could start a donation drive for these strays? If not, pls don't belittle other peoples contribution and don't insult the people here at MDDD who worked hard to set up this donation drive by insulting the sponsors they have worked hard to get by saying they are not doing enough.


Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is insulting MDDB here. Why so touchy? As a prominent Animal Welfare Group, MDDB SHOULD get its facts right as Sarah and Anonymous commented. Otherwise its like leading would be donors "ASTRAY".

On the CROCS issue, there should be other alternatives and methods that MDDB could suggest they employ to help the animal welfare movement. I don't think SPCA Selangor uses the "free voucher tactic" to encourage adoptions. You can check their website. The "Adopt a Stray and get a Voucher worth RM 30" promotion could be deemed as, well, Unethical? An alternative promo method like "For every pet adopted, CROCS will donate and additional RM 30 to MDDB". Sounds Good?

Anonymous said...

You are blinded with your jealousy for MDDB Anon 8.57pm. The message was intended for potential adopters and not donors. It was telling adopters there were many pups at this time of the year probably due to mating season. As for Crocs, its their prerogative as to what they want to contribute. For you to call it a tactic is vicious and vindictive. How could sharing vouchers given by Crocs with adopters be unethical. If MDDB was really unethical it would distribute all the vouchers amongst its volunteers only. My advise to you would be SHUT UP!

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how this anonymous person zoomed in and started nitpicking instead of giving a lending hand to MDDB. What a venomous person.

Anonymous said...

I am confused. Anonymous, how is MDDB leading would be donors astray by saying its the mating season now? Please explain.

Secondly, you have no right to insult MDDB adopters. When someone adopts a puppy, they have to vaccinate it twice more and that would come up to about RM80. Then there's the spaying that they have to pay for. Kibbles isn't cheap and there's the occasional visit to the vets. To suggest adopters are bribed or can be bribed with a RM30 voucher is insulting. Stop insulting MDDB, you have no right to do so.

Anonymous said...

The hate here is ridiculous, on both sides.

Anonymous said...

And btw, as a rule of thumb isnt there a baby season in Spring (or after the monsoon/rainy season in tropical countries)? So maybe theres no 'mating season' per se, but theres definitely an influx of baby animals after the rainy season. (Or a higher survival and discovery rate at least)

Anonymous said...

Where there is love, there is hate.

Anonymous said...

As usual.....people keep posting on their view about MDDB work some support some don't.

Before anyone comments further please do ask yourself, did you save a stray did you volunteer to help the stray did you donate by form of money or food to help the stray.

MDDB maybe right or maybe wrong, but at least they really care for the stray.

Unlike bunch of people never help a stray but keep posting about their opinion.