Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Update on our accident victim

Before surgery
Our accident patient with the raptured diaphragm has been operated on and is doing very well. According to the staff at the veterinary clinic, he was up less than an hour after surgery and ate with great gusto. That's a good sign. His legs are no longer splayed and he is able to stand-up but only stands to eat. Given that his leg and thigh bones were fractured, we believe he must be feeling a little pain. We haven't operated on that yet because the hernia was far more serious than the broken bones. The vet tells us that the damage to his diaphragm was so extensive that it couldn't be completely patched-up. There's still a little piece of his liver peeking into his lungs. Anyway, that's unlikely to cause him any harm at the moment. We are now looking for a either a permanent or a foster home for him. Please contact us if anyone's interested.

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