Friday, June 18, 2010


CHARLES SANTIAGO - He had made over 100 attempts to see Zulkifli Abbas
KLANG MP Charles Santiago had made over 100 attempts to contact Klang Municipal Council (MPK) acting health director Zulkifli Abbas over the mistreatment of dogs by the council. He is yet to respond. Who does he think he is? Does he expect the MP to call on him? Has he forgotten that he's a civil servant being paid with the people's tax RM? On Wed, the MPK dog catchers threatened a domestic helper bodily harm and grabbed the two dogs she was walking. They abused the dogs and threw them into their van to be taken to the pound. This cannot be allowed to go on. In view of this Mr Santiago has called for a press conference on Sunday, June 20 at
No.54C, Jalan Kemanyan, Taman Radzi, Radzi , 41200 Klang Selangor
There is also going to be a gathering of enraged dog owners and lovers who are aghast with what had happened. Please lend them your support. For directions please call Mandy Chee - 012-3616163.


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Test Amir

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Woi, Amir - its not moderated you fool!

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Hi, first of all this is Amir again! I'm with you on all cruelty issues so you can go to WAR if you want! I'm unfortunately against TNRelease program on dogs and cats. Change it to just TNRehome and the slate will be wiped clean. I refer to your past blogs on MDDB supporting PETA on this issue.

By the way, did you know that PETA is against TNRelease? So when are you going to change your position with PETA?
What is PETA’s stance on programs that advocate trapping, spaying and neutering, and releasing feral cats?

Sadly, our experience with trap, spay-and-neuter, and release programs and "managed" feral cat colonies has led us to question whether or not these programs are truly in the cats’ best interests. We receive countless reports of incidents in which cats—"managed" or not—suffer and die horrible deaths because they must fend for themselves outdoors. Having witnessed firsthand the gruesome things that can happen to feral cats, we cannot in good conscience advocate trapping and releasing as a humane way to deal with overpopulation.

Advocates argue that feral cats are just as deserving as other felines and that it is our responsibility to alleviate their suffering and assure their safety. We absolutely agree. It is precisely because we would never encourage anyone to let their own cats outdoors to roam that we do not encourage the same for feral cats. In fact, the act of releasing a feral cat is, in the eyes of the law, abandonment and is illegal in many areas.

We believe that although altering feral cats prevents the suffering of future generations, it does little to improve the quality of life for the cats who are left outdoors and that allowing feral cats to continue their daily struggle for survival in a hostile environment is not usually a humane option.

Nevertheless, PETA’s position has never been that all feral cats should be euthanized. We believe that trap, vaccinate, spay/neuter, and release programs are acceptable when the cats are isolated from roads, people, and other animals who could harm them; regularly attended to by people who not only feed them but care for their medical needs; and situated in an area where they do not have access to wildlife and where the weather is temperate.
Notice again that there talking about cats?