Monday, May 3, 2010


When it rains, it pours. KTM, the dog abused by the KTM workers, died in his sleep yesterday. He was very frail but had a hearty appetite. It was only on his last day that he showed some respiratory problems and it is believed he was infected with distemper. We think he must have been infected in the ten days he spent at the Selayang pound given that almost all the puppies rescued there by Animalcare tested distemper positive. Many had died from the time of rescue. There was someone called Leong who wanted to see KTM and claimed she had been feeding him for the last two to three years at the station. Leong also told us that the KTM workers often tormented and abused the poor dog. When we told her to wait for a while until he stopped being so panicky, Leong had said KTM may die soon because he had been very frail. We are sorry Leong, for telling you to wait - because you were right - he was indeed frail and died before you could see him. But we are still not able to understand why someone who cared so much for him allowed him to be continuously abused by the KTM workers. The only comfort we have now is knowing that KTM was given love and attention for the period he spent under the care of our fosterer - who ensured that he was fed with his favourite chicken everyday. What has happened to KTM will only push us to pursue our civil suit against KTM, the Selayang Municipal council and also the Klang Municipal Council. We had initially not planned to initiate legal action against the Klang Municipal Council but after learning that their dog catchers had to actually be taught to catch dogs - we were told we had grounds to sue.


Joe said...

I'm Joe that had ben asking to see KTM also....but now never again....I can just say RIP my dear KTM.

havetailwillwag said...

sue the bastards

Anonymous said...

may KTM RIP...angels will guard him in rainbow bridge

Anonymous said...





Papa meow said...

So sad :(
RIP dear KTM
u r in heaven now...

Anonymous said...

RIP KTM, u r in a better place rite now.. free from all the bastards who abused u.
To all those involved in abusing KTM, may u , ur families and ur next generation will never rest in peace!

Jessyca said...

RIP KTM...he'll be living comfortly in the heaven that never out of food and shelter.

kv said...

KTM, be at peace, at least u won't b suffering any more from those sick bastards.

Anonymous said...

Thanks MDDB, for taking care of KTM until his last days. Appreciate the good work.

Lee said...

The only consolation was he was cared for during his last days .....

M.K.I said...

KTMB has been running at losses for years as far as i can recall! Not even once it made profit! the government has been pumping and injecting funds annually! The staff of KTMB should be greatfull they still have a job and can feed their wife and children..

why must they abuse and torment the poor dog!

Xter said...

Leong's my mum and I'm writting this down on behalf of her. I've been questioning my mum each time I'm back from work and been asking her, when can we meet this dog - KTM (that we used to call him as Petty). Been 2weeks, my mum kept calling you all, and NONE of you guys respond to her! I was so mad at that time, as me and my mum wanted to see the dog and he might recognize us. I did post a comment in your previous blog that I 1st time saw him. But, I bet, none of you wanted to let me nor my mum knows where is the dog located at. You should felt ashamed of yourself by not giving us to see the dog before his last breath, and yes, I am very disappointed on what you all did!!!

Anonymous said...

Xter, just out of curiosity, why did you and your mum not rescue the dog from the KTM station? According to the post, you mother has been feeding the dog for sometime, was it everyday or was it on and off? What is the point of the dog recognising you when you and your mum never did anything even though you knew he was being abused by the KTM people? Why didn't you get him out of the KTM station? Obviously you visit blogs and I am sure that you are aware that there are many rescue groups. Why didn't you and your mum seek help for the dog? Personally I am dissapointed in both you and your mum.


Anonymous said...

Gina, sometimes rescue groups also will not help because they will only help dogs which they come across and when we alert them of dogs we saw they will not help and will tell us off!

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon at 8.18pm. Numerous times we have called rescue groups for help but always turned away or told to solve the problem ourselves. If we could have solved the problem ourselves, we would have. Please do give the benefit of doubt that we are unable to solve the problem and are asking for help as we may have restrictions, eg having taken in too many strays already and unable to cope with another one or family members/neighbours not tolerant of strays. Before turning away, why not ask the reason and then try to work together to find a solution.

Anonymous said...

Rescue groups generally ask those wanting to rescue the dogs to work together with them. But sometimes, people assume that we are dog catchers and expect us to solve all their problems.MDDB was started because we understood the limitations these rescue groups faced. In the past we too merely called them and told them that there were dogs here and there that needed help. When they were not able to help us on certain occasions we went and saw for ourselves their limitations - and so we started helping them which resulted in the birth of MDDB. To tell you the truth - we try our best to help as many strays as possible. Priority is always given to dire cases - and KTM would have been considered a dire case as he had endured years of abuse. Normally, many of those who call us work with us in rescuing the dogs and cats. Please understand that we are just like you - people who hold jobs to put food on the table - and we spend all our weekends and after work hours doing rescue work. Please work with us to help the unfortunate.


DawnDreamer said...

May KTM rest in peace... and not just him but the rest of strays that has been put down or killed, innocently.

Anonymous said...

no point in finger pointing and bad accusatory remarks against one another. there is only one enemy here ktm and the bastards dog tormentors

Xter said...

Gina, all we know that the dog is just a stray dog that wonders around the KTM station. And my mum was just wanted to bought him food sometimes (3 times per week), hoping he wont get starve. And as for you, do you know the whole story behind it? Neither me nor my mum knows that the dog got abused by the KTM workers that day. All we knew is, when I fetched my mum that night, the dog was gone. Yet, followed by the next day of night, I couldn't find the dog either. Until, after past 1-2weeks, my boyfriend sent me a link (of this web blog) and there, I called my mum up and told her the news about the dog was actually suffered that afternoon and was rescued by one of the blogger from internet (ref. to sharmini). By then, my mum has been making the effort by calling, not onli sharmini, but to the others also, hoping to see the dog. As what we read from the blogger, it stated that the dog is not eating well and hoping someone can adopt him. And still, my mum called them up. Some said the dog is at Selayang, and some said is at the other clinic. There was no proper location to be let out for my mum!

Gina, do you know..even if i called the rescue group, eventually - yea, they will rescue this dog. But, in the end, I bet they will put this dog to sleep also. There is so many dogs out there and they need to rescue each day. This dog - his age is catching up and I dont think he's young either. With skin diseases infected his whole body. And as for you, I dont think you would barely touch him when you 1st saw him at KTM (if you are one of the person who wants to take KTM to go somemwhere).

So please, know the whole story behind before you post any comment as you do not know what is going on at the moment. My mum forbidden me to write the comment yesterday, but still I did as I was very angry that Petty the KTM dog has passed away. And my mum don't have a chance to see him on his last sight before he went to heaven. Ask the blogger, how many times my mum rings up? If my mum nor me dont care about this dog - we wont be bother about it.

So, should I write this as a signoff by saying - I am dissapointed of you, Gina as you do not know what is going on, yet you think you know? - This is depending on you.

Anonymous said...

As a dog lover myself i can fully understand u & your mom's feelings. pls tell your mom that she's done her part well & there are more strays out there that need her care. Disappointments & despair can happen in our daily lives esp if u love dogs, & to be so unfortunate to be in M'sia.

MDDB staff,
thank u all for the hard work! i salute all of your effort & toughness u went through. It must not be easy to deal with the selayang dog pound.
I'm indeed very grateful that u guys saved this poor dog finally after what he went through.

All of us here want the very best for the strays. Yet we know it is not possible as long as the dog owner' mentality doesn't change. There would be no strays if ppl do not dump their dogs! merely that simple. And our very brilliant governemnt cannot come up with a better idea other than eating the stray dogs' flesh! why not stricter rules to govern dog owners?
There's never clearcut right or wrong....just do our best to save these poor creatures!

Anonymous said...

Xter, just to be fair to you I visited your blog and read this.

"Over, roughly a indonesian guy took his napsack and throw at Petty with a very high impact. Mum saw it because Petty was following my mum behind. He strike out a loud noise and ran away like a thunder. Mum couldn't do anything about it as there's malays around. So, the only thing that she can do, was pretend that she don't know the dog.

When I got home from work, mum told me the whole story and wanted to see him the next day. Luckily, I was clocked off early around 9pm. Drove mum to the KTM...and saw him limping.

He try so hard to sound happie, but failed due to his seriously wound that was infected at his throat. I heard the sound was quite strange. Quickly I got down from the car and look closely. He couldn't walk properly. His sound was weird (I never heard dogs sounded emotional weak before) and he couldnt EAT! He cant even bend his head down to eat. So, I suspect something must have hitted his jaw.

I was heartbreak by then. Accompanied him about 15minutes as usual, we will be leaving the food for him and went off."

You knew he was injured but walked away. That is wrong. You should have given him medical aid or called any of the independant rescue groups. You are also wrong that rescue groups put animals to sleep because they don't. Rescue groups are not shelters, as they are groups of people who go out and help strays. I don't want to be harsh and ask you to forgive me if i offend you. But I must tell you that both you and your mum had every chance to help Petty but you didn't apart from feeding him a couple of times a week. As for his skin condition, please go through MDDB's blogs and see some of their rescued dogs. Their skin condition is far more serious that Petty's.


Anonymous said...

pity dog .. pity ..

human ... pls stop ur cruelty !

no matter what is the true story behind, what u all said here now is USELESS!!! cz d dog is already dead !!

RIP ~ KTM dog~

Xter said...

Gina, as FYI the dog went away as what you've read earlier. The indonesian guy is not one of the KTM worker but is those passerby. My mum has been taking KTM as her public transport and she cant voice out anything to offend them. Unless, if the case that happens at KTM, that he was being tied up and a stick inside his throat, den we will do something about it.

And yes, I did told my mum about wanting to take him to pet for cure. But this dog has been going week and yet, we do not know whether he will bite us for taking him inside my car. Strays will have rabbies as you know and I'm not any of the group animal society not the dog napper. I can only ask them to come near me, pat them and spend time with them. Catching them, I dont think so.

Gina, don't think is an easy job when something has happened before. Yet, even Petty was not feeling well, or his leg was limping at that time (in the earlier stage when we met him), but from our love and food we gave him, he eventually healed himself and started to walk better.

Seriously, I think you are one of them. There is so many strays out there and how many we all can feed and take them to a vet and cure them? Let me know, how many?

I'm just a passerby and me and my mum can help them if we can afford. Is not all of the strays we manage to help.

And even, I mention earlier in my blog - that we already have one dog, and it's a stray dog also. We also will take him to vet and give him injection to give him a healthy life. But, if u are telling me to take Petty to seek for his skin condition, and let him still wonder around the KTM area, you think I will do that? I wil take him to vet when I am going to take him to my home. Did my comment make any sense to you now?

Lastly, I guess, u already read my latest post on my blog. And, signing off, I did said:

"Everyone will take the case seriously when something big happens to an animal. But, if the animal was not abused or what-so-ever, nobody even cares!

ps:// read the comments from both of the anony. that posted yesterday nights talking about the rescue groups. Write and talk is easy about them, but when it came in the actual day, it will never look the same of what people mention.

pss:// think more before you want to continue to feedback me. thx.

Anonymous said...

Hi Xter, my name is Kuan.I agree with Gina Xter that you should have tried to help KTM to a better life instead of just resorting to feeding him a few times a week. You could have called any of the independant rescue groups, such as MDDB, FFF or IPR and they would have worked something out. You don't have to rescue all the strays that you see because you cannot. But KTM was there for you to help but you looked the other way. Never mind. What has happened has happened but next time you see a stray like KTM, seek help for him. You have not dealt with any of the rescue groups, you do not know them so please don't make dumb assumptions that they would not help you.

Anonymous said...

Rescue groups are not shelters, as they are groups of people who go out and help strays. (Extracted from Gina) & You have not dealt with any of the rescue groups, you do not know them so please don't make dumb assumptions that they would not help you (extracted from Anon.)

Gina & Anon/Kuan - we are not making dumb assumptions - have personally tried calling these groups which were mentioned above and reply was "Please help the stray yourself because we are also working and don't have time - we also don't know how to capture strays, blah blah blah...." OR "You think we are the vet or animal catchers, go and catch it yourself..."

Anonymous said...

You have rightfully pointed out the crux of the matter Anon 9.44, these rescuers are working people just like you and I. The difference is that unlike you and I, they are doing something about it. I would suggest all of us help them as much as possible by doing our part in rescuing instead of just calling them and expecting them to do the job. Yes, they are not dog catchers but they can help you rehome the stray that you have taken off the streets. They will also go to the extent of paying for its medical care. Everyone needs to do his or her part.

Anonymous said...

leave Leong & her mom alone. tey r mourning over d passing of KTM. stop questioning her y she didn;t do tis do tat 4 KTM. I strongly agree she should be given d opportunity 2 visit KTM after her numerous request !

From : HelpStrayDog

Anonymous said...

To Leong & ur mom,
I m touched with ur persistent on calling MDDB many times 2 request 2 visit KTM. I was told tat u oso called SPCA on d same issue. KTM is RIP.

From : HelpStrayDog

Anonymous said...

May KTM rest in peace.

I seriously think that everyone should stop blaming each other in this incident. Let's put it this way, none of you guys are bad people, everyone is out there to help the dogs, some help more, some less.

I totally understand that there are always situations and doubts that hold one back to go all out to help an stray dog. And I feel that, at that moment, if you've decided that, it's only that much you can do for that poor soul, then live with it. You have not done it wrong, it is solely your decision, and everyone should respect it. No need to be defensive, no need excuses.

And for the rest, KTM is gone, we better off use the energy and time to save more stray dogs rather than sit here and whine.

I find the back and forth comments attacking each other are utterly pointless. What's with this whole witch hunt? C'mon people.

Xter said...


Thanks for the understanding. And yes, I do not wish to write anymore comments, as some of the people does not understand what is happening and yet talked so much. I'm okay with what me and my mum did for the dog. At least, we do our part to love him.

Anonymous said...


no one is blaming you or your mum. Personally, I think you could have done more. I feel you had looked the other way when KTM needed to be removed from his hell. That's all. i apologise if I have hurt your feelings.


Zoeymcdowell said...

Rest in Peace KTM. And i hope karma happens to the KTM people who did that =P

Anonymous said...

Zoey, I do believe in Karma.
Xter, you will not have regrets if you have taken actions much earlier.

Anonymous said...

Ms leong ,
I hope u & ur mom can step forward as witness in KTM civil lawsuit as u hv witnessed d KTMB workers used 2 torture KTM dog

from : HelpStrayDog

Anonymous said...

Don't blame yourself Exter. It was KTM's fate. But next time you see a dog in pain, don't just leave but try to do something. i agree with helpstarydog, you and your mom should be witness in the case.

Anonymous said...


I've been reading your post for a long time, but I think some of the comments you make is very unfair. For example, in your post on Lester which mentions a lady feeding him...why do you have to add a part where you do not understand why she allowed him to be a stray? And even in this post, you mentioned you do not understand why Leong allowed the workers to abuse the dog eventhough he/she has been feeding him. Is it so diffioult to be thankful that at least there are kind souls out there doing whatever they can?

Sometimes, that's the best they can do. It's possible they can't adopt the animals for whatever reasons they might have. Or when they call the animal rescuers, the rescuers will ask the people themselves to bring in the animals and they may not have the means to do they leave the animals where they are, doing whatever they can to make life a little easier for the animals.

So please, don't sound so sarcastic to people's kind grateful that there are angels out there. It gives us animal lovers hope that maybe one day Malaysians will learn to respect and love animals. Leong and the lady were just doing the best they can to help. Imagine how they would feel if they read your posts and noted your sarcasm? Instead of encouraging them to continue to help, you might have just made them feel like it was a waste of time helping those animals and they might just stop doing it.

I truly apologize if my comment has offended anyone. It was not my intention to cause any anger or offense. I would like all of us animal lovers to continue to encourage people to care, rather than discourage them.

From: A Concern Reader

Anonymous said...

Dear Concern Reader,

my name is Kuan and I have been feeding strays for almost seven years now. I know what MDDB means by saying t it did not understand why Lester had been allowed to remain a stray and why Leong had not done anything to help KTM.

In Lester's case the person had beeen feeding him since he was abandoned as a young dog, as a rescuer and feeder I know for sure that the best option would be for him to be removed and rehomed.

In KTM's case as the only person who showed concern for the dog, Leong should have done more to help him especially medically.

There is no excuse for her not helping even after knowing that KTM was injured.When someone feeds a stray dog, they create a situation in which the dog slowly gives-up looking for food and becomes dependant on the feeder.

This is not good unless the feeder is willing to take 100% responsibility over the dog/s they are feeding.

In Lester's case allowing a puppy which was adopted and then abandoned to grow-up as a stray is criminal. And to say that the rescue groups would not help is baseless.

Let me tell you how I manege my feeding. I feed the dogs every day except on Sundays when the feeding is taken over by a couple of aunties in the neighbourhood.

I maintain two colonies of dogs and they are all older dogs. I have spayed all of them and vaccinate them yearly. I obtain the kibbles from SPCA and receive rice from one of the independant rescue groups every month.

The liver and chicken bits Iget from the wet market near my home in Cheras.

So concerned reader, doing the best is not feeding once in a while and not helping when the dog is in need. It is a 24/7 committement and people should only do it if they are prepared to commit themselves entirely.

Those who feed once in a while and then think they are doing a great deed are doing the dos more harm then good. They should have persistently called the independant rescue groups to help them.

I call and harrass MDDB everytime I come across puppies and they have always responded even though they make take sometime due to space and manpower constraints.

Many other independant rescuers such as IPR has also helped me to rehome puppies and young dogs.

Do not dump on them but work together with them to help the strays.

Anonymous said...

I share Concerned Reader's views, that Madam Leong and her daughter may have done their best, based on the resources they have.

Not many knows about Independent Rescue Groups. Remember, your blog is in English. A good majority of middle age Chinese women out there may not be reading English blogs or papers, or know whom to contact for that matter.

You and me have the benefit of the internet and can stay connected and aware. There are many who may not have the resources to do so. This, they do the best they can. So, I just want to say Thank You to Madam Leong and her daughter for giving food to KTM. At least, they provided it food when it had none. Most would not even care.

I hope out of this chapter, some good can come out of it. Perhaps, we need to raise awareness of MDDB and other rescue groups amongst the non - English educated.

That way, we can get spread the message more effectively, and obtain more volunteer resources (as well as make sure that people wanting to help strays have access to the necessary support and information.)

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Kuan again. Leong's daughter is a blogger and I think she is internet savvy. No point feeding if you are not willing to go all the way.

Anonymous said...

i salute u...!

Rene? Yap! said...

I absolutely agree with Concerned Reader. I think it is extremely unprofessional to go around hinting on the lines of 'the person could and should have done more' etc.

No point feeding if you are not willing to go all the way.

Feeding is better than doing nothing at all. Come on, not everyone is cut out for rescuing and keeping dogs which most of the time, never get adopted out. In my area, you are only allowed to have 3 dogs and the shelter is filled with dogs and cats.

I have been feeding strays for almost seven years now.

Well then what are you dissatisfied about? You're feeding strays too. Are you bringing every single one of them home? No.

Most of you probably are unwilling to accept the fact, but the truth is; not ALL dogs can be rehomed. Pet shops are booming and most people don't want no street dog with mange and no hair when they can get a shiny little puppy.

And you are fighting against yourselves. People feed dogs but don't adopt them, and you criticize. You can't save every dog, and not every dog wants to be stuck in your house when they can have the freedom to roam wherever they want. So sustaining them with meals which the people in Ethiopia probably never get to lay their eyes on is in my opinion, GOOD ENOUGH.

If you look at this from a different view point, and look at how many children, babies, homeless kids, starving people, those victims of human trafficking there are, these dogs are nothing compared to that.

So I encourage anyone who can do anything in their power, to do it. You do what you can and don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. But it doesn't mean that you have the right to tell the people who have kept a stray alive (he'd probably be dead before you ever knew of his existence) that they 'could have done better'.

He's not their dog, he's not their responsibility. But the fact that they fed him food when no one else would is a good deed done.

Anonymous said...

Hi there all...thanks to KTM aka Petty for bringin me here!

yes i know is a sad way to get to know this org but every cloud has it's silver lining rite?

i read thru all the posts and i have to say i'm freaking proud of all of you! didnt know Malaysia had so many caring ppl.

Kuan, Leong, Gina, concerned reader(all the concerned readers)...all of you are right. nobody's wrong here. just have to step back and see the big picture. all of you have the same vision. how you all go about it is what differs. in war, not everybody can be the soldier. it's what you try to do that matters. Ms Leong(s), i totally understand how u both feel. i buried a few strays myself so i totally know how u feel. Kuan, i totally know u feel that u r frustrated of fighting alone. u r not. ur just fighting it your all of you, kudos. i think i'll bookmark this blog now!


Sherry said...

I know it's useless, but I sure would like to get my hands on the people who abused this dog, and shoved wood down her throat.

Azura Ani Salaim said...

so sad, RIP KTM dear... and to those who abused KTM, hope you die in hell

Anonymous said...

May KTM rest in peace and I really hope MDDB sues the KTM, the Selayang Municipal council and the Klang Municipal Council. Make sure the country knows what they did. In Malaysia, public outrage is the only way to get any action.