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Veterinary Services Department (DVS) deputy directorgeneral, Datuk Dr Ahmad Suhaimi Omar, suggests that stray dogs held at pounds be sold for human consumption as a method of stray management.

There has been many rumblings for some time now that the dogs were indeed being sold at the pounds. But we have no proof. But anyone worth his or her salt would know that no dog meat restaurant owner, who is in his right frame of mind, would dare serve his customers stray dogs with questionable health issues.

Is this why pet dogs and pedigrees are targeted - so that there is assurance that they have 'healthy' meat to serve their customers?

This is a point to ponder - has Ahmad Suhaimi let the cat out of the bag and not merely made a suggestion as everyone is made to believe?

Thanks to Siti Ruqayyah Chan for bringing this link to attention.

China is mulling at passing legislation to counter this and Ahmad Suhaimi Omar wants dog eating to be a norm here.

Does he want our Malaysian community to regress?

Does he want to promote what we see in the link here in Malaysia?

Shame on you Ahmad Suhaimi Omar, shame on you!

The Veterinary Services Department comes under the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry,



Deputy Minister in charge of public complaints at the Prime Minister's Department
Datuk T. Murugiah



Anna said...

He is certainly not thinking right. Strays are unhygienic and full of disease and he is encouraging the public to eat them?! Disgusting? Hah, Malaysia will be the source of MadDog Disease then, and we can all blame him!

All that will happen is that Councils and dogcatchers will target peoples pets who are clean and easier to catch than the real strays out there. Those pets will probably be more saleable too. Come on, you notice that when dogs disappear from your taman, its generally a pet rather than the sickly stray.

Jo said...

he should be SACKED! He doesn't have a sound mind to perform his duty..he just showed the world how stupid malaysians really are. jatuh muka

Anonymous said...

More cruelty to dogs. This letter appeared in Malaysiakini's letters was sent by an animal lover... see the picture in Malaysiakini... it is very shocking!!!

Ghastly animal abuse at Kepong KTM station

I am writing because of a grievous incident that took place on Monday, March 15 at about 3pm at Kepong Central KTM Station. My friends and I (six of us) were there to take the train to the Bank Negara station.

After parking our cars, we heard a dog howling, more like a painful cry. Then, we noticed a dog being tied to the grill (steel fence) of the KTM station. As we approached the dog, we stood aghast at the sight.

The stray dog's leg and neck was tied very tightly to the grill and a piece of wood had been shoved down inside its throat! The dog was bleeding and its feces were all around it. The string was attached to a pole in the KTM station.

Immediately, we confronted the KTM workers. They said that it was done by Kuala Lumpur City Hall workers because a minister was to be visiting the station next week. They failed to explain further.

At once, we called the SPCA and the Paws animal welfare society. The SPCA responded efficiently by informing us that an animal control officer would be there soon. We made a slight commotion in front of the KTM station but the KTM workers were not concerned at all.

After about an hour, as we were returning to the KTM Kepong Central Station, we received a call from the SPCA officer stating that the dog was now not tied up and was moving around. When we arrived, the dog was limping. The same KTM workers avoided us as we tried to confront them. A passer-by told us that the dog has been that way for quite some time.

The SPCA officer could not capture the dog as it walked away for quite a distance. He advised us to write to the media and to the SPCA as well.

Doenn't our country's animal rights support the idea that an animal has the right to live its life without being harmed and hurt by humans? We realize that people define the meaning of animal rights and abuse in different ways but aren't the citizens of our country merciful?

This dog could have been just put to sleep if it had been harming the public or causing a nuisance. Why stick a wooden stick down its throat?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Malaysia - where animals are abused daily.

Saw the pictures and how could SPCA not do anything about it? Are they even trying?

ricco said...

These people (involve in this specific pound scandal) don't eat pigs BUT THEIR ACTS ARE WORST THAN ANY ANIMAL.

Siti Ruqayyah Chan said...

I saw the picture in Malaysiakini. It's a very sad sight to see how that dog was tight up and the stick was shove down his throat. SPCA shld take action against KTM as this thing happened within their compound. This is why Malaysia is forever a 3rd world country beacause we can't even give a good life to the animals in the country. Good might be little too much for the government to execute, maybe a decent animal rights will do.

Anonymous said...

can we get someone to follow up with what has happened at that ktm station so that we can be sure that the dog is not abused and tortured again?

why spca can't catch the dog and re-home him? if he is found wandering around that vicinity, there is a high possibility that he may be caught and tied up in that cruel manner again.

Anonymous said...

This must be taken up - can anyone please put together a group to go to the vicinity to look for the dog? We must take it in - in order to p-u8rsue the matter.


Anonymous said...

The dog is probably a stray that stays around the vicinity of the KTM Kepong station. Maybe rescuers can go around evening to see if the dog is scrounging around for food in the area? Or any animal rescuers who live in the Kepong area can also keep a lookout for the dog at the KTM Kepong station in the evening?

SA said...

Lets see how he'd feel if all the cats were gathered and satay was made out of them. Would that be appropriate? When it comes to dogs, some ruthless people have no mercy but God forbid cats be eaten! We have too many morons in this country. With regardso the poor dog at the KTM station, I too would like to know why the SPCA official didn't look for the dog and take it in. I have heard the same story from the SPCA KL for over 10 yrs now, that it is over-crowded or they cannot afford to take another dog in. Members of the public naturally call the SPCA when they see an act of animal cruelty, however it seems to me that it is the independant animal rescuers that would go out of their way to rescue an abused animal.

Anonymous said...

I refer to the post above and have lodge a complain as MDDB suggested with PUBLIC COMPLAINTS BUREAU. Their rep has called me this morning to enquire about my complaint and assured me that they will follow up on the matter. I hope that more people will write in to lodge the complain so that they will take things seriously this time.

Anonymous said...

and this guy is supposed to be a trained doctor..hehe