Wednesday, March 10, 2010


MALAYSIAN DOGS DESERVE BETTER will hold its monthly adoption drive at the SUMMIT SUBANG JAYA this Sunday, March 14.

We currently have 50 over puppies and dogs looking for homes and expect to bring at least 40 of them there.

A large number of the puppies and dogs will be those rescued from the Klang and Selayang pounds.

The adoption drive would be held from 11.00am to 7.00pm near the Starbucks entrance.

Those who want to drop off donations in kind such as rice, dog food, shampoo and towels could also do so at the adoption drive.

Details call: 019-357 6477 or 012-373 9007


Anonymous said...

Anthony (Petnegative)
wat d fuck r u talking abt? MPS pound so pleasant ?! U were d idiot who alerted d pound 2 clean up while Guna was on d way 2 inspect d pound. do u enjoy 2 b MPS running dog ?!

Anonymous said...

if you want a fuck there are lot of dog in you disposal. what makes you say that the pound run by Mps are not caring and dirty. any comment must be proved by evidence like photos to prove have you any I would be glad to see it if not shut up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,

What are you talking about? Were you in Lala Land before this? We have pictures to prove for sure, haven't you been following the blog and spying? It's even reported in 3 newspaper on the dirty pounds and no food for dogs in pound, do you think dogs just drop dead, there must be some reason for them to die just like that i.e they have no food/water, thus starvation, the place is infected with diseases and so on. You want photos? Let me tell you something, i have loads, just let me know your number and i'll mms it to you. So think before you speak, and i wonder who's the one who looked stupid now? Definitely not me and Anonymous 8.56PM. Haha...