Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ruby - held down to prevent from running away during her rescue. She is now happily resettled with a family in Cheras after being spayed and vaccinated.

We had a call from a lady a couple of months ago that there was a young dog trapped in the center of a roundabout in Cheras. We asked her if she could get the dog for us but she declined to do so. We then informed two veteran independent rescuers who immediately went to the spot and started feeding the dog daily. Last week, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better accompanied them to rescue the dog, now named Ruby. Ruby was not an easy rescue and put up a good fight. The experienced rescuers grappled with her for a bit before getting her into their car and transporting her to our vet in Klang. Ruby has a beautiful disposition and has been vaccinated and is waiting to be neutered at the clinic. We also responded to a call to rescue a dog that still had a chain attached to his collar in Bukit Jelutong. He was quite ferocious and bit the two good Samaritans who had alerted us to him. After grappling with him without any success of getting him into the car to be transported to Klang – we rushed to the nearby fire station in Bukit Jelutong to ask the firemen to help us. They came in a big fire truck but had no luck in getting him into the car as well. However, the dog walked with one of the firemen who caught hold of the chain. The fireman walked the dog to the station where he was given food and water while we rushed back to Klang to get a carrier. The canine’s benefactors managed to get him into the carrier they borrowed from the clinic and he is now recuperating at the clinic. Due to all the drama – we had forgotten to take pictures. We now wish we had! Anyway, the vet tells us that the fellow is a Cocker Spaniel cross. He has some skin problems but will be ok soon.

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