Thursday, March 12, 2009



We are concerned about a six-month old puppy which is currently at the Ara Damansara clinic. It has distemper which is getting worse - with the eyes cloudy.

There is still hope for this poor puppy but according to friends who went to administer ozone therapy - the condition which the puppy is being kept at the clinic will only make it worse.

The puppy is kept in a closed-up room which is also only cleaned when the clinic's helper has completed all other chores - and this is more often than not late in the afternoon or even evening.

The vets also attend to the puppy only after they have completed all their work and this is also late in the afternoon or evening.

The windows of the room is also kept shut and this is resulting in the puppy not having clean air to breathe.

It is unfortunate that the vets are so spooked that the puppy's well-being is being compromised.

Another much experienced vet has offered to admit the puppy in his clinic and administer treatment until its condition is stable - we hope that someone will take the poor puppy in and nurse it back to health after the kind vet has stabilised it.

We have placed several infected dogs and puppies in foster homes and they appear to be doing better and on the way to recovery.

Therefore, we are hoping that someone would come forward to help nurse this puppy back to health in their home.

The said puppy had gone through a lot of trauma at the pound and therefore deserves a chance to live.

Please help save this unfortunate puppy's life.

Plesae call - 019-3576477 or 019-3203875 for details.

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