Sunday, March 15, 2009


We are very happy to inform that all the dogs infected with the distemper virus are doing fine.

Thank you to all our supporters and friends who had helped us through this difficult time with donations to pay for the expensive immune boosters as well as veterinary care.

We would also like to inform members of the veterinary fraternity who opined that distemper is beyond treatment and treating these animals were a waste money - THAT THEY HAVE BEEN PROVEN WRONG.

Proper medication and care can help dogs fight the distemper virus - we have seen this ourselves and would like to inform pet owners NOT TO LISTEN TO VETS WHO ADVISE THEM TO PUT THEIR INFECTED DOGS TO SLEEP.

Get immune boosters and vitamins as well as force feed the dogs when they lose their appetites and you'll see how fast they recover. Call us and we will also try our best to help you.

Don't get spooked - put the infected dogs in a cage and keep them isolated from your other dogs and remember to wash your hand with a disinfectant after touching them.

I would also like to advise a particular so-called senior vet in Subang Jaya not to behave like a fish wife by bad mouthing our efforts and the vets who work with us.

You make money out of sick animals because it is your profession and we respect that.

However, please understand that we do what we do because it is our calling to help animals in distress - please respect us for this instead of persecuting us with baseless allegations.

We would also like to thank Dr Edmond Yeoh, who brought the six-month-old puppy 'back to life'. He didn't give up whilst some others vets said they were considering putting the puppy down.

We also thank all the fosterers who took in the infected dogs into their homes to nurse them back to health. We are all very humbled with this humane gesture.

Bless all of you for helping us help them.


kv said...

Happy to hear that the dogs are now starting 2 become healthy. Now all that lefts is finding a home for them....

Anonymous said...

That's my vet.. He is a really dedicated vet. And his name is spelled Edmund.. :)

Anonymous said...

Dr Edmund Yeoh is also my Pepper`s vet...he is a great and gentle vet..who removed a 10cents size stone from her bladder..
Thanks a alot, Doc :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, mind if i ask the "distemper" virus is canine rabies? or some sorta rabies?

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better said...

The distemper virus belongs to the same family as the chicken pox and measles virus that affects humans. We vaccinate our children to prevent them from getting chicklen pox - the same is done when dogs are vaccinated to prevent them from getting infected by the distemper virus.

w0rms said...

Dear Sharmini,

Apparently I’ve just got a husky female dog from this “ARYAN PET PARADISE” in klang. She is only 3 months old. Right after I brought her home, without noticing her that she has a running nose which my father saw it but not me. So after the next day I brought her to vet as I’ve saw the discharging from the nose! However after, I’ve brought her to vet the doc explain it to me saying she might have a distemper disease. So without any hesitation I’ve ask the vet to do a AVG TEST. It is positive! I couldn’t bare to loose her so I went to 2nd option. Same thing happen no one actually want to keep her to monitor her. As I am first timer to get a dog, I do not know what to do but to give her medication and fed her with oat meal everyday.

As I’ve saw your blog saying you’ve tried to saved a pup from this canine distemper, I wish you could help me out how and what solution should I do? I’ve tried all sorts of solutions to save her life, unfortunately it still the same. Please do not ask me to go vet as they ask me to euthanize her, I can’t bare to put her life up no doubt she is suffering now and no cure for this disease IN MALAYSIA! If there is still hope, I really hope you can share with me. If till the extend of no hope, only I will think of the euthanizing her as letting her go peacefully which I don’t wish too.

So hopefully you could get back to me as soon as possible. This is my email Thank you for your kindness and patience.


Anonymous said...

Ive just bought a toy poodle from the shop named 'Aryan Pet Paradise'..... pls be careful buying any pets from there. I brought my baby there for his 3rd vaccine...after 2 days he start vomiting n not eating. brought him bk there n they told he is dehydrated. put him on drips for 2 days...but still no differents n getting weaker. i visited him on the 2nd day...he looks terribally ill. i was shocked to c on his body got big wound. i suspected they has beaten him or he fall down from the strecher. they said they took blood test n he is ok.asked for it but they say they dnt have the report. I become worried. they dont noe to treat any animals there...but they talk as their educated. they r not doctor. they assume they are. we believe everything Wat they say.... i brought him bk n next day n brought him to medical center to check wats his problem. the vet said he was ver weak n gave us 3 days....but after few hours we admitted him...he past away. it was very hurtful to get to noe he was no more.

later on i get to noe from some people tat tis pet shop is doin illegal veterinary work. they not registered as vet. similar n same cases happened to all the puppies brought there. they treat thm...the puppies dies after 3 days...n they will replaced it wit a new one. pls be aware of tis n take action. pls. Im very very depress n angry wit thm regarding my baby. :’(