Monday, March 23, 2009

Please help my brother........


My unfortunate brother

This mail was sent to my human by a kind lady called Dr Mahalekshmi. we have will take this unfortunate brother and send him to our vet in Klang for vaccination and neutering pending adoption.
Read about his plight which is narrated by Dr Mahalekshmi.

I was born in such a malicious way. My father, A rottweiler went wondering on the roads not accompanied by his owner and met my mother. From the rumors I heard, the owners of my father watched happily while my father copulated with an indefinite breed, sadly my mother.
Months later I was born. Unfortunately my mother was viciously dragged away from me by the spiteful dog catchers. I managed to run and hide myself in some bushes, where I felt my little heart sob and break to pieces silently as I watched them drag my mother away. Her eyes were locked with mine, I don’t know her fate, and I coiled myself together and cried silently because I know, I’ll never feel those playful bites and the love of my mother again.
How long could I just stay there in the shrubs all alone, hungry? I started wondering around. I walked for days, looking for food. I dint know how and what to eat, so I started digging squander from the bins. I dint know I offended some people, but all I did was to satiate my thirst and hunger.
One day, a kind lady, saw me wondering and called me. She called me Puppy. And each time she came calling for me, she had food in her hands. Along the way, I met a friend. A white crossed breed puppy. We were friends. We roamed around together. We waited patiently for anyone from the neighborhood to offer us food. Sometimes, we were lucky.
We got food like chicken rice or bread. Sometimes, some people offered us spoilt food but we quietly ate it, as I said, to gratify our hunger. I did my duty as a dog. I defended most houses. I didn’t allow strangers near the houses that fed me. I did all I can to make sure all those kind people who fed me slept safe at night. But one very mean man didn’t like what I did.
He caught me one day and broke my front left paw. I watched him injure me, wondering what I did wrong. I howled in pain, I begged him to stop but it was too late. My bone could be seen, I couldn’t feel my paws anymore. I cried wondering what I did wrong. All I did was chase people away from the homes. Those mean bad people. For months I suffered in pain.
The kind lady whom calls me puppy took me to a place with a lot of dogs. All of them were in pain. She addressed him as a doctor. The doctor checked and walked off. Soon enough a worker came to this kind lady and said there was no assurance that my bones will unite.
The kind lady was heartbroken and brought me back. Since that day, I sit outside her gate. I guard her house. I take care of her. I still go visiting with my other friend to other houses that offer me food. I still guard their house. It’s been almost 6 months now since I injured my leg. I walk with a slight hobble. I mind my own duties but yet people abuse me.
People hurt me. They hit me because I seek shelter under their cars. Recently I slept in the trash area of a home. No one was home, and that cruel man that broke my leg came and closed the doors of the bin and locked it from outside. I was gloomy and cold inside. I shivered out of dread, till a girl came screaming and opened the doors. If this girl didn’t help remove the wood that locked the doors, I would have died. But all I wonder is why can’t I have a decent home? Why can’t I be like any other dogs that are loved by their owners? All I need is a roof over my head and some food.
Perhaps just some clean water too. But im not asking for much, am i? I’ll offer you more than you can imagine. I’ll protect your house. I’ll make sure no one gets in without your permission. I won’t hurt you if you’re kind to me. I won’t make much noise. I will take all your whipping and pounding. And I assure you that I’ll be your faithful companion. Just give me a home, that’s all I ask for….i’m not as bad as you think I am…all I need is a chance…and a home…

Whine, whine.......
Sharmini Popiko Sasha (SPS)
p/s - potential owners and sponsors for this unfortunate brother can call 019-3576477 for further details.

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Popiko, I live in a neighbourhood which is beginning to become home to a lot of strays, cats and dogs. Some sources told me that expats when they move, 'dump' their dogs by the roadside. The one thing I feel you and I can do is, educate both locals and expats about neutering and spaying their dogs. I have been feeding the strays in my neighbourhood but how many can I feed? I even came across a neighbour who claims he 'own' but let the dog run all over when she is on heat and let her mate with their own dog just for the fun of having puppies or is it to 'witness' the birth of unwanted puppies. I wanted to 'steal' the poor dog and have her spayed but then...out of fear for this nasty man, I couldn't do so. Who knows what will happen, I have dogs of my own too. One is picked from the roadside and the other, a puppy who would be put to sleep because of a deformed leg.

Sharmini Popiko Sasha said...

Dear Bubbles,

I truly feel said when reading stories like this. Its also because of this that we are expanding our operations. Perhaps, we can rescue and rehome some of the dogs and puppies in your neighbourhood - as for the female dog you are refering to - could you ask the neighbour if he would mind us spaying her for him. tell him that he doesn't have to pay a sen and that may do the job.

Bontaku said...


Sorry to hear this. I work in a light industrial area and a lot of stray dogs have gathered because one of the coffee shops starts feeding them and in return, they guard the place. Recently I saw some puppies. I want to try to rehome those pups but the mother is always around (want to neuter the mom too to prevent future births). Even so, the shops starts to take pups elsewhere and I am worried they are not neuter which will cause more unwanted births. I do not want this place to attract dog catchers (they have come before).
Another thing about neutering, many people I have talked to thinks neutering a male dog makes them unmanly. There are a lot of misconceptions about neutering.

In regards to the post, how can we help this poor dog?

Sharmini Popiko Sasha said...

Hi Bontaku,

Where are you located? If you can catch the mother dog - we can spay her and send her to a friend's farm in Bentong. We can also help you rehome the puppies but you have to work hand in hand with us to do it. We will of course pay for the spaying. said...

Hi Popiko. First, I really hope this adoption drive is a great success. ALL THE BEST.

Lady (the name I called her), the female dog is gone. Am not sure if she is alive or not. Lady was actually 'dognapped' by another kind neighbour who's husband is a vet. It was raining really heavy that night and Lady was running all over chased by a pack of male dogs. She was on heat. I saw the sad incident too. It was agreed that I would pay half to have Lady spayed. It didn't happen as we would love it to be simply because the next day, nasty man caused a furor infront of nice lady's house saying she stole his dog. It was our worst nightmare when we say Lady pregnant. She is sooo skinny. She didn't get fatter after the puppies came. Skinnier and the last I saw her, she had bleeding and sore nipples. Most times, nasty man had her tied up because I think he knew that the nice lady and me are feeding Lady. We would see Lady once in a while but not often. I don't know what happened to her and her puppies. Have went to the places where puppies and sick dogs are normally dumped but I can't find her. Lady isn't owned by nasty man. She doesn't have a name, collar or tag. She is dirty and most times can be found scavenging for food at the dumps nearby. For whatever reasons nasty man is laying claims on Lady, it is only known to himself. Yes, our hearts weep when we see/meet cases like this. The only way is, educate people to understand that four legged ones, they also breathe and feel. Kudos and hugs for all you people out there who are showing all the love. BTW, do you mind telling me if there Malaysian Dogs...have a sector in Penang? TQ

Sharmini Popiko Sasha said...

Hi Bubbles,

sorry to hear about Lady - its stories like these that keep us going. Your question whether there is a Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better operations in Penang has given me an idea. We can start the operations there if there are volunteers willing to do the rescuing and rehoming there. Are you interested? We can work out a plan if you are and perhaps you can rope in the nice lady (vet's wife as well). Write to me at

Bertold said...

Hello Popiko,
I have read so many heartbraking reports already that I had to join this great site.
As soon as we find a home in Penang (relocating from Costa Rica) I will contact you and become a volonteer. My email is:
Hasta luego, and keep up your good work!